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Mass. college closes after virus sickens 100

/ Source: NBC News and news services

A Massachusetts college is shutting down for several days after 100 students and staff were sickened by a virus that causes a type of stomach flu.

Students and faculty have been afflicted with severe nausea and vomiting at Babson College in Wellesley, just southwest of Boston.

State Department of Health spokesman Tom Lyons says the norovirus is "miserable" but isn't life threatening. He says most people get better after a few days.

The college has about 3,400 undergraduate and graduate students. It's expected to be closed until at least Wednesday while campus buildings are cleaned.

Students are allowed to remain in their dorms, but classes and athletic events are canceled.

The college also advised students to remain on campus and avoid engaging in group activities to limit the spread of the virus.

School officials say they don't know the source of the virus, which often is spread by handling food. But Lyons says town health inspectors don't believe this outbreak is food related.