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My mom gave me a girdle, and more bad gifts

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A girdle from Mom? A teeth whitening kit from Dad? For some readers, our story on gifts that send the wrong message hit a little too close to home. Recipients of presents ranging from insulting to insensitive tell us their stories, including reader Rosalie Car of Sheffield Lake, Ohio.

"In 1957, after I was involved in a car accident in which I lost my right forearm, a friend gave me a pair of gloves," Carr writes.

Ouch. Read on for more reader stories.

One Christmas I was given a scale and exercise tapes from my Mother. After that I went to therapy for 2 years. Thanks Mom!

— Susan Weber, Toledo, Ohio

I am a second grade teacher, and one year a parent gave me roll-on deodorant as a gift. Bizarre!

— Cathy, Clemmons, N.C.

I got a girdle from my mother for my birthday when I was 15.

— Joy

We will find out. Got the wife a Wii Fit.

— Anonymous

My mom once gave me the cutest outfit!... two sizes too small, "Honey, it's to motivate you!!!!" sweet, evil smile spreading over her face. I still have it. It's still two sizes too small. Why didn't that motivate me Mom? I wonder?

— DS, Arlington, Va.

This year I asked for (and received early) Botox and Juvederm (a filler for lines on the face). I love making myself look better!

— Sheila, Macon, Ga.

My wife at the time gave me a gag gift of an IV bottle and line which was supposed to be for the heavy drinker. I had been in my recovery for alcoholism for maybe 2 years at that point. Needless to say we ultimately divorced and I am happy to report I have been sober for nearly 27 years.

— Steve Williams, Oviedo, Fla.

I got a house dress that looked like a sheet. I don't wear house dresses. I was only 28. Needless to say I had gained some weight after back surgery, but I wasn't huge! I was so offended.

— Cat, Sacramento, Calif.

Where I live there have been a series of commercials suggesting the perfect gift for our moms, wives, sisters, etc. The gift? A Pap smear. No kidding.

— A.J., Odessa, Texas

I got Queen size panty hose in my Xmas stocking after losing 40 pounds and keeping it off for two years. I said to my Mom "I worked so hard to be a normal size B, it means so much to me to never have to buy a Q-size ever again" She really had no answer for me, I guess she still sees me as her fat daughter.

— Icava, Norwalk, Conn.

A dress that was a size too big, even though she knew my correct size.

— P. Kuhns, Garland, Texas

Slim Fast went out as a joke but the wrong person got it ... Oh my what fireworks .. not a pretty scene.

— Mike, New York

My first husband (a clueless person) gave me an Epilady hair remover. It pulls out hair by the roots and was very painful to use and it did not do a good job. It was more suitable as a torture device! I threw it out.

— Caroline, Seattle

Teeth whitening and a facial. Thanks, Dad.

— Kait, Martinez, Calif.

One Christmas, my parents gave me an electric woman's shaver! Talk about an embarrassing thing to get your geeky tween daughter!!

— Julia Ritchie, Laconia, N.H.

All the classmates unanimously gave a lice killing shampoo to a girl in our class who has lice in her hair which can be seen crawling in her very often, we even talked about how unhygienic and unhealthy it can be, but she never took care of it.

— Anonymous

I got foot powder! That was annoying!

— Nick, Austin, Texas

When I was a kid I gave my grandmother lotion that smelled good and a note that said, "I hope this will help you!"

— Rebecca, Dallas

I received a blow dryer and a crock pot for Christmas from my ex-fiancee a couple years ago. Apparently he was being practical and thinking about me cooking him a meal. Thought it was really insensitive.

— Monica, Moline, Ill.

Aside from the potentially offensive gifts, how about the weird and inappropriate ones? One year, when I was 16 years old, I got a sexy satin nightie — from my grandparents. Awkward!

— Tina, Milwaukee, Wis.

My mother in law gave me a book about home organization and cleaning last year for Christmas. She prefaced my opening the gift with, "Now, I hope you don't take offense that I bought you this, but..." I know she got it for me because I had been thumbing through her copy of the book the last time we visited. She's very lucky I'm an understanding person, though, or else that gift giving could have gone horribly wrong! Other daughters in law probably would have been very offended at what was implied!

— Megan, Indiana

An elderly Aunt who had always prided herself in giving practical Christmas gifts gave my two boys, ages 5 and 8, a very nice brush and comb set. The 8 year old said thank you graciously, but the 5 year old looked up, said, "This isn't a Christmas present, don't you know you're supposed to give kids toys," and stomped out of the room. We all laugh about it now, but it was a very tense moment back then.

— Joyce Bokor, Seminole, Fla.