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New puppy to prance at White House

/ Source: The Associated Press

A new presidential pooch, bred in New Jersey, will soon be roaming the halls of the White House.

President Bush marked Laura Bush's birthday Thursday by announcing he would give her a Scottish terrier puppy that is a relative of the current first dog, Barney.

Miss Beazley, as the first lady and twins Barbara and Jenna have already named the pup, was born Oct. 28. She is due to arrive just before Christmas.

The dog was named for the character Uncle Beazley, a dinosaur in Oliver Butterworth's children's book, "The Enormous Egg."

Barney's half brother is Miss Beazley's father, said White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

Mrs. Bush turned 58 on Thursday.

The Bushes lost a longtime pet earlier this year. Spot, an English springer spaniel who regularly ambled around the West Wing with Barney, died in February at age 15.

Miss Beazley's father is Ch. Motherwell Alberta Clipper, who sired Barney, and the mother is Blackwatch Elizabeth, said William Berry of Parsippany, N.J., owner of the father.

"This is my second bite out of the 15-minutes-of-fame apple," said Berry, 63, a retired contract manager for BAE Systems, an aerospace firm.

Miss Beazley was the only female in a litter of five, all of which are still with their mother, owned by Patricia Gilmore of Livingston, N.J.

Political puppies

Motherwell Alberta Clipper, known as "Clinton," and Barney, are half brothers, since both have the same father, American/Canadian Ch. Motherwell Stormwarning, Berry said.

Barney's mother was Coors, owned by Christie Whitman. While New Jersey governor in December 2000, she made a gift of Barney to President-elect Bush, who soon named Whitman as his first director of the Environmental Protection Agency.

"Evidently the president was in contact with Governor Whitman, who contacted me," ssaid Berry, who regularly breeds Scotties. "They knew I could do the hookup."

Clinton got his name in a bit of bipartisan fervor, since he was born on Election Day 2000. His siblings, named Bush and Gore, did not survive, Berry said.

Miss Beazley, and her four siblings will only have human contact with Ms. Gilmore until they get their shots at six weeks, she said.

Miss Beazley, with black brindle coloring, was the fourth to emerge. The puppies are all into their routine, she said.

"They're always eating, by mom. Their eyes don't open for two weeks," Gilmore said.

The other four will be sold "to responsible owners" at the same price the president paid, Berry said. He declined to specify the price, besides saying it was more than $1,000. "It's a standard price for Scotties in the New York area," he said.

Each puppy could be held in one hand now, but when fully grown, Miss Beazley will be about 21 pounds and 10 inches high at the shoulder, Berry said.