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Readers hit the reset button for ’08

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Want to take up tap dancing? Watch less TV? Train for a marathon? Now's your chance. It's a new year — you've got plenty of time do all the things in '08 you really meant to do in '07.

If you still haven't made a New Year's resolution, steal an idea from our readers, who shared  their ambitions for '08, and how they're going to accomplish them.

"I'm taking up tap dancing for even more fun and exercise at age 62," writes one reader. "I've begun already, as I was given new tap shoes for Christmas, along with an enjoyable DVD of tap instruction. I've got the wood parquet floor, so I'm off and tapping! Happy, tappy New Year!"

Keep reading for more readers' resolutions.

I resolve to stay away from and eliminate all toxic people from my life. The way to accomplish this is to determine who makes me feel bad about myself and/or who makes my blood pressure soar, on a regular basis. As my mental and physical health are more important to me than any one person is, those toxic people will be history.

— Laura, New York

I am going to try to learn how to cook something other than hot dogs, mac 'n cheese, and anything that ends with... helper.

— Michelle, South Bend, Ind.

My resolution is to dress as nicely as I can when I go out for the day and to wear a little more makeup. I just turned 50 and I am feeling great-now is the time to spend a little extra time to look great! (No more skaggy sweats and Ts to the grocery store.)

— Juanita, Reno, Nev.

To stop cracking my knuckles! I know it's annoying and not the most pleasant sound in the world, and it bothers some people.

— Heather, Seattle

1. Start reading again for one hour each evening. 2. Get to bed by 11 pm. 3. Walk/run on treadmill 15 minutes 4x a day. 4. Kiss my hubby every day, rain or shine — smile or frown! 5. Increase my private spiritual life by adding quiet reflective time to each week.

— Karen, Buckley, Wash.

I have three resolutions this year. The first is to try to stop saying the dreaded "um" word when I am speaking. The next resolution is to keep a daily journal of all the things that I am grateful for. The third resolution is to try to be better about not using my paid time off so much so that I have a LONG vacation this year.

— Allison, Willoughby Hills, Ohio

I use profanity quite often, and my New Year's Resolution is to stop using it. I find that I can control my tongue in various situations, why not in everyday life. So I intend to act as if I'm in church all day everyday, hopefully that should stop me from swearing so much.

— Brenda, Montgomery, Ala.

I resolve to be happy with what I've got instead of striving to get something that the media tells me that I have to have. I resolve to stop comparing myself to the airbrushed covers of magazines and punishing myself for being less than. Most importantly, I resolve to make myself healthy — inside and out — and to stop feeding myself the garbage on the TV, magazines, and the Internet.

— Jen, Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Taking up tap dancing for even MORE fun and exercise at the age 62. I've begun already, as I was given new tap shoes for Christmas, along with an enjoyable DVD of tap instruction. I've got the wood parquet floor, so I'm off and tapping! Happy, tappy New Year!

— Anonymous

My new year's resolution for 2008 is to get married. I'm not dating. Have no prospects right now. But this will be my mission for the new year. I have twelve months — plenty of time.

— Anonymous, Winter Springs, Fla.

I plan on making peace with myself. Mostly by forgiving the things I can not change,working on the things I can, and spending my first waking moments glad to be alive.

— Michelle, San Antonio

I want to start being more conscientious about the amount of paper and I'm putting into the environment. I want to cut out paper towel use and make sure I recycle anything I possibly can. I'm a huge bottled water drinker so I plan on using one bottle per week and just continue to fill it up.

— KC, Maryland

Read one book a month. This will be achieved with the help of my friends lending their favorite books, as well as toning down the bar scene to just once a week, instead of twice. An hour before I go to bed — instead of winding down with TV, now it will be just books!

— Lindsay, Brighton, Mass.

To never ever speak to the ex again, but I know I will.

— Mary

I am 60 years old, and I am going to take swimming lessons to swim with my grandchildren at the beach this year in June and surprise them.

— Judy, Vienna, W. Va.


— Alexis, Baltimore

Be a more courteous driver. I have a tendency to get upset at other drivers and let it get to me. I'm going to remember that there are more important things out there.

— Carl, Leavenworth, Kan.

My resolution is to try and soak all that everyday has to offer and maybe try to slow down what feels like an ever-growing speed of my life.

— Matthew, East Alton, Ill.

My resolution in 2008 is to run and finish the Los Angeles Marathon! Actually, I made this resolution a few months ago and have started on a training program. I am almost 2 months into the program now and am proud at how far I have come towards achieving my goal! There are days when the thought of running 7 miles is daunting but I don't let that get to me and I certainly don't give up. I have lost some weight, and feel amazingly stronger and fitter. If I can do this, anyone can.

— Irra, Ventura, Calif.

After losing 22 pounds, I want to lose an additional 18 pounds, so I can actually weigh what it says on my drivers license!

— Sandi, Denver

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I'm going to get my driver's license and a car. I'm 39 and its about time!

— Denise, Williamsport, Pa.

Same as last year, going to use turn indicator when changing lanes and make every effort to let someone in front of me that is using their turn indicator. We need to get back to being polite to one another.

— DK

I am planning on having a more positive attitude in the coming year. ... I believe a positive attitude can help you cope with whatever comes your way.

— Phyllis, Tallahassee, Fla.

I will commit to building my body to the point where I can look in the mirror and finally be happy with the muscle mass and tone that I've always wanted.

— JP