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World's 2nd face transplant seen as success

/ Source: The Associated Press

The man who is apparently the world's second ever face-transplant recipient likes what he sees.

Li Guoxing had the right side of his face ripped away by a black bear in an encounter two years ago in southern China. In a 15-hour operation that ended Friday, Li was given a new cheek, upper lip, nose and an eyebrow.

As soon as he woke up he asked for a mirror. Doctors were afraid he might get upset, but the Beijing Evening News reports that when he saw himself, he gave an approving nod.

He still can't speak yet. But Chinese doctors look for a good recovery. They note there will be some obvious differences in the two halves of his face. The donor had much lighter skin.

The first face transplant recipient is a French woman whose dog bit off part of her face.