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School Letter Saying 6-Year-Old Girl is Overweight Angers Mom

The letter, sent from a Florida elementary school nurse, said that the girl's BMI could be detrimental to her "health and academic performance."

A letter sent home with a 6-year-old Florida girl suggested she should be taken to a physician based on a height and weight screening that the letter said indicated the student had a "problem." Laura Cacdac told NBC affiliate WESH that her daughter, Charley, eats healthfully and is active. The girl is 4 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 60 pounds, Cacdac said. The letter, sent from the Palm Beach Gardens Elementary School nurse, said that Charley's body mass index could be detrimental to her "health and academic performance." The Centers for Disease Control body mass index calculator indicates that Charley's weight and height for her age place her in the 78th percentile, meaning she is a "healthy weight."

Cacdac said she doesn't disagree with the program to help children who may be an unhealthy weight, but she thinks the situation could have been handled differently. She said the incident prompted Charley to ask: "Do they think I'm fat? Is there something wrong with me?" School spokesman Tim O'Connor told WESH that the letters aren't meant to be "stigmatizing." "We noted the BMI may be high or whatever, and it's a recommendation to the parents," O'Connor said.



— Elisha Fieldstadt