NJ to allow medical marijuana for kids. Safety still under debate

Is medical marijuana OK for children? 2:17

arents who believe their sick children would be helped by medical marijuana won a partial victory in New Jersey Friday. Using a conditional veto, Gov. Chris Christie modified a bill to allow prescriptions of edible medical marijuana for children. Parents of qualifying children will need the approval of two doctors, a pediatrician and a psychiatrist, at least one of whom must be enrolled in the state’s programa

New Jersey isn't the first state to allow medical marijuana prescriptions children. Eighteen states, plus Washington, D.C., allow use of medical marijuana. A number of them provide prescriptions to children, with parental supervision, to treat a host of ills, ranging from autism to cancer to seizures. However, not all doctors, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, support medical marijuana prescriptions for children. 

In July, NBC chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Synderman reported that some doctors are concerned the remedy hasn't been clinically tested and could have long-term side effects.

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