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Willis passionate about Iraq war

Actor says he pay for the capture of bin Laden, al-Zarqawi
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Getting stories out of Iraq isn't easy.  Actor Bruce Willis found that out first hand when he went over to visit U.S. Troops serving in the Armed Forces.

Willis told MSNBC-TV's Rita Cosby that he does not understand why the really good things he saw happening inside Iraq are not being reported by the media.

Willis publicly announced he would offer $1 million reward to a civilian if they turned in Zawahiri, bin Laden, or al-Zarqawi.  But, he also offered the same $1 million reward in 2003 for the capture of Saddam.  But will Willis pay up?

RITA COSBY, LIVE AND DIRECT HOST: You know, Bruce, in 2003, you admirably offered $1 million for the capture of Saddam.  I have to ask you, because just last night we had on our show so many of those pictures, those horrific pictures of what happened in Jordan.

And right now, we've got three thorns in our side.  We've got Zawahiri, of course, who is Osama bin Laden's right-hand guy.  You've got Osama bin Laden himself.  And then you've got al-Zarqawi, the Iraqi who every believes is behind the mastermind of the attack, just those horrible attacks on three hotels just the other night. 

Are you prepared even right now to maybe offer $1 million for one of them? 

BRUCE WILLIS, ACTOR: Well, that was a conversation I was having with members of the military.  I've since been told that military men and women cannot accept any reward for the job that they're doing.  It was more about my passion for trying to stop Saddam Hussein. 

COSBY: Would you offer that if somebody else, let's say a civilian, is willing to turn one of them in and finally put this to an end? 

WILLIS: Yes, I would.  Yes, I would. 

I want to live in a world, and so do the Iraqi people want to live in a world, where they can move from their homes to the market and not have to fear being killed.  And, I mean, doesn't everybody want that?  Who doesn't want that? 

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