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What's on the show Wednesday

Two stories that I haven't heard much of in mainstream media are getting some play out in the blogosphere.

Both of these stories really speak to the ongoing debate about the impact of the right wing on this administration's politics.

First off, there's more blue-red push and pull coming from the halls of PBS.

You may recall that this summer the former chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Kenneth Tomlinson, told Congress that he felt the programming at PBS had a liberal bias.

Well, now, at the urging of Democratic congressmen, an internal investigation has found some political bias in Tomlinson's record as well.

Among other charges, the report suggests that he used a political litmus test in hiring the corporation's president--Patricia Harrison.  She's a former co-chair of the Republican National Committee.

Bloggers are reacting today.

The liberal blog Progressive Conservative Aggregator points out that “If PBS wasn't biased before, it is now.  Political litmus tests and partisan meddling with programming.  Tomlinson crossed the boundaries.”

The blogger at Leavworld though, sees Tomlinson as a sacrificial lamb who tried his best to expose liberal bias.  This blogger hopes conservatives won't lose the battle to see a broader spectrum of views on public television.

And another story out in the blogosphere--last year the FDA rejected a plan to make the controversial morning after pill available over the counter.  Now, the Government Accountability Office says the FDA’s decision making process was "unusual."

The advisory panel approved the plan, but the FDA still rejected it.  Critics say they caved under political pressure and put religion ahead of science.

At Vermont Daily Briefing, this comment--politicize, divide, and destroy.  The Bush administration is ruining the credibility of agencies like the FDA with partisan politics--and hurting their ability to function.

But many groups have applauded the FDA decision.

The conservative group Care Net says the pill is too strong to be over the counter, according to Science Blog.  It could be a health risk for uninformed teenagers.

On the show today--an update on the wild weather hitting the Midwest.  We'll also take a look at options for an end game in Iraq with two military minds.  And later… Sony's strategy to keep you from copying your CD's, but it could damage your computer. technology editor Bob Sullivan explains.