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Aruba psychic connection

Medium says Holloway was murdered, teen suspects responsible
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It's now been over six months since the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway on the island of Aruba.

Holloway's parents and the Aruban government have frantically searched for the 18-year-old who went missing on vacation, desperate for answers.

Though one person may provide the clues necessary to solve the Holloway mystery.  Medium Allison DuBois, the inspiration for the NBC hit show “Medium," tells MSNBC-TV's Rita Cosby what really happened to Natalee.

To read an excerpt of their conversation, continue to the text below. To watch the video, click on the "Launch" button to the right.

RITA COSBY, LIVE AND DIRECT HOST: Allison, do you think a psychic could help in this case?  We‘ve gotten so many e-mails from folks asking about it. 

ALLISON DUBOIS, PSYCHIC MEDIUM: Well, yes, one can help in this case. 

COSBY: How so?  What could you learn?  Could we learn who the suspects are, what happened to Natalee?  What avenue... 

DUBOIS: Well, in this case, you have the right suspects.  They‘re completely guilty.  The things that I would find important to be looking at, if I were working this case, would be, for instance, that these three boys have done this to other girls before that were visiting Aruba as tourists.  It just hasn‘t escalated to murder, but I would look at the pattern that was set down by their past victims. 

COSBY: Now, Allison, you said that these guys are completely guilty. 


COSBY: You know, they haven‘t been convicted. 

DUBOIS: Sure. 

COSBY: Why do you say that? 

DUBOIS: Well, fortunately, I can head tap people.  That‘s what they use me to do for jury selection for the prosecution and to head tap people who commit murders.  So I know that, just by looking at their picture, whether or not they committed the crime. 

I can also tell you that Jordan Van Der Sloot‘s father knows a lot more than he‘s saying and, in my mind, is almost as guilty as they are, because he has helped to cover up this crime. 

COSBY: Now, what is head tap?  And what role, also, did Joran‘s father play, in your mind?

DUBOIS: Head tapping is when I basically can see through the eyes of the person who committed the crime.  And I do understand Mr. Holloway‘s concern in religion.  And I always say, if you‘re going to bring somebody in that does what I do to make sure you bring someone in that‘s valid, that has a track record, ethically, and that‘s able to bring in specific details of a crime. 

I don‘t think they should work necessarily with the parents of the victim, but the law enforcement involved, which makes it difficult in this case because it‘s a foreign government that‘s being dealt with, which makes it even more difficult. 

COSBY: Now, Allison, you know, the big question everyone is wondering, is Natalee dead or alive?  What‘s her state? 

DUBOIS: Well, and with all due respect to the parents, and I hope I say this with sensitivity, she was not sold on the black market.  She has passed.  And I think, right now, we‘re just working to maybe find a little justice for her. 

I‘m all for the boycott, because any pressure that you put on the government is going to be good in getting something out of them other than what they‘ve offered up. 

COSBY: And real quick, I don‘t know if you can foresee the future, but will we see closure to this case, real quick? 

DUBOIS: I actually do think one of the boys will turn on the other boys and offer up something that will lead to a resolve of the case.  I always did see them near the water with her.  So my concern is that Van Der Sloot knew exactly where to put her, water-wise, where the decomposition or the elements in the water would make it so that she would not be found. 

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