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What's on the show Thursday


On both sides of the pond, fans remember John Lennon today. It has been 25 years since that fateful night when Lennon was fatally shot by Mark David Chapman in front of the historic Dakota building on Central Park West.

In Liverpool, his hometown and home to the John Lennon Airport, fans released balloons into the sky with messages attached for their pop icon. At the site , a look at Lennon's last big interview. It was with DJ Andy Peebles on Radio 1.

Here in New York City, Strawberry Fields is the site of an ongoing impromptu memorial. Meanwhile, those New Yorkers who witnessed the final moments of Lennon's life recount their stories from the AP, available on our website. There you'll find comments from the attending physician who treated Lennon, as well as the police who responded to the scene.

And bloggers are weighing in with memories--new and old.

Jeralyn Merritt at tells a moving story of remembrance on her blog. She actually went into labor just after Howard Kossel announced the tragic news on Monday Night Football. Her baby was born that night, making this an unforgettable day for her.

And at the blog Imagine Echoes, a college student who wasn't born yet when Lennon died explains how the music has impacted him and sparked his interest in politics.

And online today, there are many options for people looking for a Lennon fix--either some music or some history.

Check out this online radio special, a look at Lennon's life and legacy, at the website

And Lennon's entire solo music catalog is available online now. His label, EMI, released the recordings for digital market, but you won't find them at i-Tunes. EMI is involved in a lawsuit with Apple. You will find them, though, at sites like Napster, Yahoo Music, and .

Today, remembering John Lennon's political and musical legacy. We'll also take a look at the tragic shooting yesterday aboard American Airlines flight 924. The air marshals certainly did their jobs, but a sad story all the same. And later--bah humbug! Why are right wingers so obsessed with Christmas?