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Vets home employees vent to state senator

Veterans home employees talk with state senator about staffing and scheduling concerns.
/ Source: WGEM-TV

Frustrated employees of the Illinois veterans home had the chance to meet with Senator John Sullivan to voice concerns about staffing at the home. Sullivan said he called the meeting to help resolve staffing issues and help the home provide better care for residents. Around 60 members of the vets home nursing staff talked about mandated overtime and what they call chaotic scheduling at the home. Vets home employees say the current schedule doesn't allow them enough time off and leaves them short staffed, which could lead to inadequate care of residents

Some folks said: "The families are frustrated--it just doesn't make sense, because this overtime is killing everybody." "We're families besides work. Then we come to work, and they want to give us a hard time." "We have been begging for several years to get every other weekend off, like everybody in the community has--but Mr. Hutmacher refuses to give it to us." "It's just going to get progressively worse--and that's all I have to say." The Illinois Veterans home currently employs more than 540 people.Concerns about understaffing at the home were first brought up when Bill Gilson, a resident of the home walked out. Gilson was found dead in Cedar Creek 20 hours after his disappearance.