Skipping the booth takes its toll: $76,000

/ Source: The Associated Press

A driver who racked up about $76,000 in charges for cruising through toll booths without paying has pleaded no contest to three misdemeanor citations.

Evangelina Gonzalez, 41, entered the plea Thursday and agreed to pay one-tenth of the total, about $7,600.

“It was more than fair,” said Gonzalez’s attorney, Michael Stephens.

Had Gonzalez used a toll pass, her trips would have cost about $1,800, according to tollway authorities. Instead, they said, said she drove through the booths nearly 3,000 times without paying between June 2003 and November 2005. The $25 administrative fees for each violation added up.

Attorney Marcelle Jones said the tollway authority was “satisfied” with the arrangement. If Gonzalez meets the terms, prosecutors could dismiss the citations, with approval from the North Texas Tollway Authority, Jones said.