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Murdered or missing: Search for Florida woman

Jennifer Kesse has been missing for over three weeks. MSNBC-TV's Rita Cosby interviews Angeline Hartmann from the T.V. show "America's Most Wanted" to talk about how the show is helping in the search for Jennifer.
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a young 24 year-old from Florida, has been missing for over three weeks.  Jenn, as she is known by family and friends, was reported missing after she failed to show up for work on January 24th. Two days later her car was found abandoned in an apartment complex not far from her home.  Now some anonymous tips have come in and the case is getting some big-time help from the FBI and also the TV show, “America‘s Most Wanted.” 

Angeline Hartmann from America's Most Wanted program joined Rita Cosby to discuss the latest in the investigation.

RITA COSBY, HOST 'LIVE & DIRECT': Angeline, why are you guys getting involved now? 

ANGELINE HARTMANN, “AMERICA‘S MOST WANTED”:  Well, investigators asked for our help.  And they feel, with these surveillance photos that have been released lately, that needs national attention.  A show like “America‘s Most Wanted,” as you know, reaches out to people all across the country. 

We‘re very successful.  And it‘s time.  It‘s time we do this story.  She is up on our Web site right now.  But come Saturday night, we have invited the investigators to come out to the hotline, and our operators are ready to take the calls. 

COSBY:  You know, there was this anonymous tip that said she might even be alive.  What came about that tip, Angeline? 

HARTMANN:  Well, investigators aren‘t saying a whole lot, Rita.  We just don‘t know what to take seriously at this point. 

COSBY:  Is it possible she might be alive? 

HARTMANN:  Certainly.  And that‘s what family members and everybody else, that‘s what we are all hoping for at this point.  But again investigators are working carefully, and they‘re being very, very cautious about what they release right now. 

COSBY:  Why do you think the FBI is finally entering the fray?  I know that there‘s some new surveillance video.

HARTMANN:  Well, what we understand is that the FBI has assisted in this case in various ways.  But when we‘re talking about the crime lab, the FBI decided to go an extra step. 

Just yesterday, investigators with the FBI went out to this area, the apartment complex where Jennifer Kesse‘s car was found.  They surveyed that area.  They took particular measurements, and they‘re taking into account the angle of the camera, the time of day, lighting. 

They‘re gathering the elements they need to put a formula together to come up with a better, more accurate description of this person that investigators want to talk to. 

FBI and Orlando police are certainly hoping that they can come up with an exact height and weight of this person of interest. 

COSBY:  And, Angeline, why do they think this guy is significant?  Again, it‘s hard to look at.  You just sort of see a couple of shadows of him between the bars there.  But why do they think this guy particularly could be someone of value?

HARTMANN:  Well, the Orlando police are again being very general when they talk about this case.  What we do know is that this person was seen in the area during the time that her car was found, during the time of Jennifer‘s disappearance.  So that‘s all investigators are saying at this point. 

COSBY:  Do we have any, anybody who might want to harm her, or what a motive could have been?  Is there any clue? 

HARTMANN:  No, family members say she has no enemies.  Nobody really knows anything.  This is a girl you‘re talking about in the prime of her life.  She‘s got a good job.  She just came back from vacation.  There are no issues here.  And, you know, investigators are open to everything at this point. 

COSBY:  Well, let‘s hope the family gets some answers.  Angeline, thank you very much.  I‘m glad you guys are helping out. 


COSBY:  And, of course, if anybody has any information about the whereabouts of Jennifer Kesse, obviously make sure you watch Also call the tip-line.  This is set up by the authorities, 1-800-423-TIPS.   There‘s $115,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts. 

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