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Sharon Stone answers your questions

The 'Basic Instinct' star answers Dateline viewer questions on how she stays fit, her favorite projects... and reacts to a marriage proposal.

In the sequel to "Basic Instinct," Sharon Stone is once again playing the character that put her on the map. This Sunday, "Dateline" visits Sharon Stone at home, talking about Hollywood, motherhood, and how life seems sweeter after a brush with death.

Fourteen years ago, “Basic Instinct” catapulted Sharon Stone to international stardom. As mind-game playing serial killer Catherine Tramell, she created an iconic femme fatale. The film's famous interrogation scene instantly became a Hollywood classic.

Since then, Sharon Stone’s had roles in both steamy and critically-acclaimed movies like “Sliver,” “The Quick and the Dead,” “Casino,” “The Mighty,” “The Muse,” and “Broken Flowers.”

This March, “Basic Instinct II: Risk Addiction” hits the theaters. Early reports are that it's a racier film for the actress who just celebrated her 48th birthday. (Click here for video of the trailer.)  In between the two "Basic Instincts," Stone has been nominated for an Oscar and three Golden Globes (winning for her role in “Casino”), has been married and divorced, adopted two children, and is doing humanitarian work — raising millions of dollars for causes like AIDS research.

Dateline’s Stone Phillips talks to the actress about her upcoming movie, philanthropy, and motherhood — in an interview on Dateline NBC.

Click on the video above to watch Sharon's answers to some of the questions Dateline viewers sent via

Stone Phillips, Dateline anchor: We asked our viewers if they had questions for you. And they came online and we got a lot of questions.  Here are a few. And these people are going to be thankful—

Sharon Stone: And I’m saying "Thank you" upfront, OK?

Stone Phillips:  Lisa from Tennessee asked, how do you stay in such good shape?

Sharon Stone: You know what?  I get this so much, I’m actually thinking of putting out a video.  I swear to God,  I went in to buy bikinis and the lady’s like, “You’re not getting out of this store ‘til you get down there and show me what you do for those abs and the arms.” She wouldn’t sell me my bikinis!  I had to get on the floor and do the stomach thing.

Stone Phillips: So, what do you do?

Sharon Stone: Over the years, I have met all these different people who have taught me things.  I do these kind of ab things that a circus performer taught me when I was in Africa.  She was a tightrope walker and she taught me these ab things.  They’re called jackknifes and I actually get up, like on a table.  I can do them on the floor sometimes. 

Stone Phillips: And straight legs and straight arms touching?

Sharon Stone: Yes. You don’t have to do that many. But they’re hard. And let me tell you something.  You do like ten, 15 of those, and that’s it (snaps her fingers).     

Stone Phillips:  Did you you have to work up to that?

Sharon Stone: I suppose.  And back in the old days.

Stone Phillips: And diet-wise, what do you do?

Sharon Stone: I pretty much eat what I want.  But, now, I don’t want a lot of the stuff that probably would be, you know… I want to look good in a bikini: I don’t want to have six beers and a pizza.

Stone Phillips: So you just watch what you eat?

Sharon Stone: Yeah, and if I start getting back fat, I lay off it for three, four days. I just try to keep it together, till then I back out of the room when I have to, like an ice skater.

Stone Phillips: Do you exercise every day?

Sharon Stone: No.

Stone Phillips: Every other day?

Sharon Stone: No.

Stone Phillips: Couple of times a week?

Sharon Stone: Sometimes.  It just depends.  I go on benders where I just exercise like a maniac. And then I go on benders where I just can only take baths.  Like I have to lay down to bathe and I could go on that for six months.

Stone Phillips: So, it just sort of balances out.

Sharon Stone: It just does.  Sometimes it’s just all too much.  And then sometimes if I’m just not sitting there just power working out, I would go crazy.  You know, I think you have to hear yourself.  I really can’t do it all the time.

Stone Phillips: OK, next question.  From Dawn from Kansas, what was your favorite or most enjoyable movie to make?

Sharon Stone: Well, they’re two separate things.  The most fun I ever had on a movie was working with Albert Brooks.  He’s the caviar of comedy.  I mean, nobody’s funnier; nobody is smarter than Albert Brooks.

Stone Phillips: “The Muse.”

Sharon Stone: Every day, I just couldn’t wait to get to work.  I would have stayed a 100 hours.  If he doesn’t ask me to another movie, I’m gonna kill myself.  It was fantastic.  And Albert loves you to be over prepared and, I’m the one who wants to sit in the front and go, “I know—I know—I know.” (raising her hand).

So, it was just fantastic for me.  I couldn’t wait to have all my props done up front and come with 17 new ideas. And Albert’s the one that if you have 17 new ideas, he’s like, “You get to go first.”  So, I was like, “Yes!”

It was great.

Stone Phillips: And your favorite?

Sharon Stone: Well, because I’m one of those people who when I do work and do my thing… You know, tell me “It’s out of my range,” and, honey, I’m gonna get it.  So, working with Scorsese, DeNiro—that’s going to the Olympics and you have to do a triple axel, a double salchow, three flips, a spin and get in and do it. That’s Scorsese.

Stone Phillips: “Casino.”

Sharon Stone: To have to go in, having them--sure I’m not going to keep up.  “She’s good, but the potted plant in the corner.....” “That’s great, she’s nice, we like her.”

Getting them to let me play, let me part of it, and achieve… Thinking, “Can I get to be one of the guys?” “Can I be good enough?” “Can I keep up?” Because they like to work 20 hours a day.  They’re like work maniacs.  And can I get Marty to actually really talk to me?

That was it for me.  There are other directors I super admire like that that I’d like to work with. But, that was it.  When I started acting, I was asked said, “What’s your dream?”  “What would you like to achieve?”  I would say, “Oh, I’d like to sit opposite DeNiro and hold my own.”

But, you never think it’s gonna happen.

Stone Phillips: And it did.

Sharon Stone: It did and then I was like, “Well, OK.  I’m gonna take my bat and my ball and go home.” 

Stone Phillips: And, finally, Martin from San Diego wants to know will you marry him?

Sharon Stone: Maybe.  I don’t know. Are you nice?  Do you have a job?  I don’t know.  Maybe.

Stone Phillips: In fairness to Marty, he did offer up some biographical detail on himself.

Sharon Stone: Which is?

Stone Phillips: Well, you know, it’s on our Web site.

Sharon Stone: OK, good.  Thanks for asking, Marty.  You’re the only person that’s asked me lately.  That means you’re in the running.


Editor's note: Below is Martin's e-mail/wedding proposal. 'Dateline' received one other marriage proposal, while one gentleman proposed dinner in Paris. Other e-mails asked about Sharon's beauty secrets, while others simply thanked the actress for being an inspiration to women in their 40s.

Hello, My name is Martin. How is your day going? I saw the Web site and felt I should write. I would buy her flowers often and for no reason but to say to her that she is special to me. I am laid back most of the time, I know when to serious and when to just let it go and have fun. I am a loyal person in any relationship. I look for opportunities to see how I can help others. My favorite activities are travel, beach activities and being with friends.. My job offers a lot of opportunities for me to travel and take time out to help others. I want to be the most caring and loving person I can be. I have learned from my relationships whether it is a romantic one or just friends, is how to be more sensitive to other peoples feeling and to be a better friend. I was born in Mo. I lived there all my life till I moved to San Diego, CA. I have traveled to Europe and some parts of the USA. Would she marry me?