New York Times to scrap weekday stock tables

/ Source: The Associated Press

The New York Times will replace the six pages of stock tables it prints Tuesdays through Saturdays with daily spreads of graphics and charts containing financial information.

The newspaper said it will also bolster its Web site to provide more in-depth data about a particular stock than the newspaper currently provides.

The new format will debut April 4, the Times said Monday.

Readers also will be able to sign up for e-mail updates containing the closing prices of stocks and mutual funds or midday alerts about market changes that affect them.

The changes will save the paper money in newsprint costs but a Times spokeswoman, Diane McNulty, declined to provide a dollar figure.

Newspapers of all sizes have been studying whether the cost savings from reduced stock listings outweighs the risk of disappointing longtime readers accustomed to the traditional tables. A small but growing number have compromised by scaling back the full listings.

The Times will continue to print the traditional charts of stocks, bonds and mutual funds on Sundays. The paper plans no additional charge for the online information.

"This recognizes the fact that the vast majority of readers now go online to get financial information because we can serve them better that way," New York Times business editor Lawrence Ingrassia said in a telephone interview.

The new format will consist of a centerpiece graphic and include "at-a-glance" looks at the top 100 stocks, "thumbnail sketches" of newsmaking companies and a new foreign exchange box listing currencies around the world by region, the Times said in a news release.

The spread likely would focus on a particular sector based on the news of the day, Ingrassia said.