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Pregnant waitress gets $973.65 tip

A 19-year-old waitress, who's also seven months pregnant, was surprised to find a thousand dollars left on a table to cover a $26 bill.
/ Source: The Associated Press

When a couple left a huge tip on the table at a local restaurant, their waitress figured it had to be a joke.

They left $1,000 to cover a bill of $26.35 and a note saying “Keep the change! Have a great day.”

The gift left waitress Amanda Newkirk teary with excitement. But the 19-year-old, who is seven-months pregnant, couldn’t figure out why she’d been given such a generous tip.

A couple days later, she got her answer.

A 28-year-old widow called Newkirk’s boss to say she’d left the tip because she “didn’t need it,” and wanted to give it to someone who did.

Erin Dogan says she’s a shopaholic and could have easily spent the money at a mall. She says giving the money to Newkirk made her feel “phenomenal.”