’s ‘fly-out’ menu returns

Dear readers:

Today, we have re-introduced the “fly-out” headline menu, listing headlines for top stories throughout

The list of story headlines, which appears when your cursor moves over the left-hand column, is designed to help you quickly find and navigate to the top headlines in any section.

Many of you will recall that we offered this kind of menu in years past. We know that some readers loved the fly-out menus and others did not. The new version is improved for those who love it; for those who don’t, it can be easily turned off.

If you choose to disable the feature, please click on the “disable-fly-out-menus” button at the bottom of our section navigation.

The return of the fly-out menu is part of our continuing effort to use the best technology to make your chosen news destination. We will launch additional features in the coming months.

Let us know what you think of this new feature!  .

Jennifer Sizemore managing editor