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Two Milwaukee boys vanish without a trace

Twelve-year-old Quadrevion "Dre" Henning and his eleven-year-old friend Purvis Parker were last seen Sunday while playing outside in Milwaukee and now they've vanished without a trace, leaving police with no leads.  Rita Cosby speaks with the families of the missing boys.
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A desperate search is on for two young boys in Milwaukee.  Twelve-year-old Quadrevion Henning, also known as Dre, and his 11-year-old friend, Purvis Parker, were last seen Sunday while playing outside on their way to a basketball court. 

The Milwaukee police, the FBI, and a variety of other law enforcement agencies are helping in the search. Police have questioned school classmates, neighbors and even sex offenders who live in the area.  There has been no sign of the two boys. 

Quadrevion Henning’s father, Quentin Henning, and also Purvis Parker’s mother, Angela Virginia, talked to Rita about the search.

RITA COSBY, HOST, "LIVE AND DIRECT": Angela, how are you holding up through all of this? 

ANGELA VIRGINIA, PURVIS PARKER’S MOTHER:  By the grace of God, I’m doing pretty good. 

COSBY:  Quentin, what’s keeping you going?

QUENTIN HENNING, QUADREVION HENNING’S FATHER:  The fact that everybody is helping me look for Quadrevion and little Purvis.  Also, all the help that we’re getting here in the city of Milwaukee. 

COSBY:  There's a lot of people rooting for the return of your beautiful little boys.  What do you think may have happened to them? 

VIRGINIA:  I feel like our boys got captured against their will because of the search that's going on. I don’t know that for sure, but I’m holding on that they’re to going return home soon. 

COSBY: Describe to us where the boys wandered off.  Do they know the area?  I know that they lived close by.  Would they have wandered off possibly somewhere else in the neighborhood? 

HENNING:  There is no doubt in my mind that they know the area, but they don’t know the area well enough to wander off.  They would stay within the realm of their homes.  Both boys live in close proximity to each other, and that’s about as far as they would go on their own. 

COSBY:  When did you first get alarmed and find out that they were missing? 

HENNING:  I was alarmed Monday morning before the break of day because it’s very uncharacteristic for Quadrevion to be out any time after dark or close to dark. 

COSBY:  What do you want to say to the public tonight, as you’re looking for your beautiful little boy and his friend? 

VIRGINIA:  I really want everyone to know that’s looking at this show tonight to be cautious and observant.  Don't be scared to call in.  Please help us bring our boys home. 

My family’s not complete without my son.  I miss his face coming through my door, so I need him here.  His father and his whole family need him here.  So if anybody has anything to say or any clues...

HENNING:  I’d like to add to what she’s saying.  As a community we need to come together and help the police department, the online services, and everybody that we can reach to help us find these little boys. 

They’re 11 and 12 in age, but they’re just boys. They can’t make it on their own.  We need the anybody that can give us leads, clues, or some kind of tip to call law enforcement.

COSBY:  Thanks so much. 

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