Stampede at S. Korean theme park injures 34

/ Source: The Associated Press

Tens of thousands of people crowded to get free admission to an amusement park in Seoul on Sunday, triggering a stampede that injured 34 people, officials said.

About 50,000 people were waiting outside the Lotte World theme park on the first day of a six-day free-admission event when the accident happened, said Kim Heung-kyu, an official in the park’s operational department. Television footage showed the crowd swaying back and forth in front of a gate before the stampede occurred.

The Songpa Police Station said 34 people were injured in the accident. Injuries ranged from broken bones to abrasions, Kim said.

The free-admission event was canceled due to safety concerns, Kim said.

The theme park organized the event in an effort to improve its image after a person fell to his death during a roller coaster ride at the park earlier this month.