Memo: John Kerry 'hates celery'

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John Kerry isn’t fond of celery, likes bananas and apples, and prefers Skippy creamy peanut butter, according to documents posted on a Web site.

The Smoking Gun Web site, which posted Vice President Cheney’s hotel room requirements last week, said it obtained the memos from a member of the former Democratic presidential hopeful’s advance team. The documents were compiled during the 2004 campaign, the site said.

The Massachusetts senator’s list includes a variety of food preferences, including “Wheaties, Total or Special K with 2% milk,” filet mignon, grilled fish or chicken (“veer away from heavy sauces,” the memo states), protein bars and Boost drinks. The document also notes, “JK hates celery,” and states, “NEVER order: Tomato based products OR sandwiches.”

A separate page lists a preference for a recumbent bike instead of a stationary one, bottled water “everyplace that JK is” and that the phone and ability to order movies should be ready to go upon arrival. “I know this may seem trivial but these things make JK very happy,” the note admits.

Two of the four pages are attributed to the senator’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry. Her food requests are as specific as her husband’s. Included on the list are green bananas, flax bread, grilled chicken Caesar salad with “lots of garlic” and almonds or walnuts (“just a few to tide you over,” the memo states).

She also prefers organic vegetables, and doesn’t share her husband’s aversion to celery and tomatoes, according to the documents. She allegedly “loves stone crabs,” but does not want tuna, halibut or swordfish. Senator Kerry lists tuna and halibut among his dinner preferences.