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Bin Laden: Audio tape transcript

/ Source: NBC News

The following is the full transcript of the audio tape purported to be from Osama bin Laden. It has been translated by an MSNBC translator.

The siege that is imposed on Hamas shows that it is a Zionist Crusader War against Islam.

This also shows their refuse to Hamas movement, after it won the election, and we emphasized on what sheik Ayman al-Zawahri has warned before that it is forbidden to joined the joined councils. But their refusal to Hamas proves that it is a crusader Zionist war against Muslims. Furthermore I say this war is a joint responsibility between the peoples and the government. War continues and the people renewing their allegiance to their rulers and politicians sending their sons to armies to fight us, and continuing the moral and financial support while our countries are being burnt, our houses bombed, our people killed and no one cares about us.

A good example for the blatant violations against our faith and our brothers and our countries.. what your ally Israel did from invading and demolishing ARIAH Prison with the conspiracy of the British and Americans.

This means destroying and demolishing the Ottoman state, the rest of caliphate state and divide it to tens of small states and occupied it, and then British came and separated Sudan from Egypt and then went again to Sudan seeking to separate its south and made an army from the southern people and supported them with money and arms and expertise and directed them to separate from Sudan and then American adopted this army financially and martially throw out its international tolls like the United Nation, and pressure Khartoum government sign on unfair treaty, allowing the south to separate after six years of the agreement and let Al-bashir ''Sudanese president" and Bush know that this agreement does not equal the value of the ink that was written with, and does not commit us at all. America was not satisfied with all this strife and crimes she went to raise more strife, and the strife of eastern of Sudan was the grates taking advantage of some disagreements between the sons of some tribes and flame it a fierce war between them destroying every thing. So it can send a crusader troops to occupy the region and stole its oil under the pretext of maintaining security there, it is ongoing Zionist crusader war against the Muslims. Regarding this I call the Mojihadeen and their supporters in general and especially in Sudan and the arab peninsula to prepare for a long war against the crusader plunders in western Sudan. Our goal is clear is defending Islam and its people and its land not defending Khartoum government, we have a great disagreement with it it is enough to say it failed to imposed the islamic law and give away the south.

I urge the Mojahdeen to be acquainted with the land of Darfur and it tribes, for the record the region "Sudan" will witness a heavy rain, which will cripple the traffic and shut the dust roads. This is one of the reason that delayed the occupations for six more months.