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Dole response to the report

For privacy matters pertaining to all individuals involved, we are naturally unable to comment about any incidents regarding litigations and the Dole organization.

But on behalf of the Dole family around the world, food safety always has and will be our top priority. For more than a hundred years, Dole has produced and marketed fresh fruits and vegetables around the globe, bringing the products health professionals advocate as the most important foods we should be consuming to consumers in the safest, most efficient ways possible.

Our commitment to global health and well-being is ensured by our use of cutting edge technology. Dole works closely with government entities to provide the freshest, cleanest fruits and vegetables possible to supermarkets. In fact, we are the only salad company that has partnered with the FDA, giving them full unrestricted access to our salad plans to aid in the FDA’s development of current proposed food safety guidelines for fresh-cut salad. The FDA and Dole food safety teams worked side-by-side in 2000 in our California plant to learn best practices from each other that could be applied in developing these guidelines, released March 1, 2006.

Consumers look to Dole with confidence that their fruits and vegetables are clean, wholesome and fresh. On average, over 2,100,000 bags of Dole salads are sold every day in North America alone, 365 days a year.

Every Dole product has an 800-number on it for consumers to call with any questions, as well as a “best if used by” date to ensure stores only sell the freshest products possible.

We welcome any and all consumer communication.

Eric Schwartz
Dole Fresh Vegetables