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Try your hand at geography bee questions

Check out some of the questions asked at the finals of the 2006 National Geographic Bee.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Some questions asked during Wednesday’s National Geographic Bee finals. (Answers at the end.)

1. Name the river that runs through these three cities: Mbandaka, Kinshasa, Matadi.

2. Oil production in the United Arab Emirates is dominated by the country’s largest emirate. Name this emirate.

3. The Guggenheim art museum on the Nervión River has increased tourism in what major Spanish port near the Bay of Biscay?

4. One of the most heavily used mountain crossings in Europe, which links Austria and Italy south of Innsbruck, is the lowest of the major passes in the Alps. Name this pass.

5. The Kuril Trench is an ocean depression that reaches a depth of about 34,000 feet. This trench extends northeast from Hokkaido and follows the east coast of which peninsula?



1. Congo River.

2. Abu Dhabi.

3. Bilbao.

4. Brenner Pass.

5. Kamchatka.