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Love wins out: Thief returns cash with interest

A Japanese man, who robbed a post office in March, returned the money plus interest after talking with his girlfriend.
/ Source: Reuters

A Japanese man who robbed a post office returned more money than he stole and turned himself in after deciding to come clean for the sake of his girlfriend.

The 33-year-old stole 340,000 yen, about $2,300, at knifepoint from a post office in western Tokyo in March. Ridden with guilt, he went back to the post office at the end of May and left 350,000 yen in an envelope on the counter before running off.

On Sunday, he turned himself in to the police, Asahi TV reported. “I did the robbery because I was short of money,” Asahi quoted the man, who works as a gardener, as saying.

“I didn’t want to get arrested when I took the money back, but I talked to my girlfriend about it and thought I should clear things up quickly for her sake.”

The Mainichi newspaper quoted the man as saying he gave an extra 10,000 yen back because he was sorry for what he had done.

A Tokyo police department spokesman said they were still discussing what to do with the extra cash.