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Target takes a shot at designer couture

Several celebs were recently on the red carpet to celebrate the launch of retail giant Target’s new collection called Targèt  Couture. By CNBC's Stephanie Stanton
The Targèt Couture Pave Swarovski Crystals Clutch carries a $870 price tag.
The Targèt Couture Pave Swarovski Crystals Clutch carries a $870 price
/ Source: CNBC

When you think of Target, the last thing that comes to mind is couture — the high-end, and usually high-priced, end of the fashion industry. Well, not anymore. The mass retailer is teaming up with a popular boutique in Los Angeles to launch an exclusive line of “Targèt (pronounced TAR-zhay) Couture.”

The most expensive clothing item in the Targèt Couture line is this $330 cashmere sweater. If it's bling you're looking for, check out the one-carat diamond necklace, which will set you back $3,100.

But, you won’t see the $50 T-shirts or $140 designer jeans sold in any Target store. Right now you can only buy them at the Los Angeles fashion boutique Intuition or on its Web site, which also offers a crystal-adorned clutch for $870 and a belt for $136, featuring a jeweled red target at the clasp.

Still, analysts say, the partnership supports the mass retailer’s overall brand image.

"It's huge for them, I think it's all about mind share. When you think Target, you think that crazy red circle. And it's just been a huge winning situation for these guys," says A.G. Edwards retail analyst, Robert Buchanan.

Branding guru Ross Misher came up with the idea to partner the famous red bull’s-eye with Intuition, one of the hottest boutiques in L.A. for the city’s A-list stars.

"We went to Target and presented them with the concept of Targèt Couture, which were high- end fashion pieces that are designed by great designers giving their take on the iconic bull’s-eye,” said Misher.

You won’t find any bargains here. The high-end clothing, handbags and jewelry range from $25 into the thousands. The new line launched on May 11, and already Intuition has sold more than 3,000 items and is quickly becoming a huge hit among Hollywood’s trendsetters.

"It's all about L.A., and what great synergy to tie Targèt Couture with Hollywood," said Intuition owner Jaye Hersh.

There’s no doubt: In L.A. the red bull’s-eye is red-hot, proving that when it comes to designer fashion, it’s all about the brand.