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Readers recall when their attire attacked

Oh my, but we have suffered for beauty. Hundreds responded when we asked for your tales of being fashion victims. Some of you have nearly fainted in corsets.  Others have split your too-tight jeans. One woman duct taped her breasts so she wouldn't have to worry about showing bra straps.
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Oh my, but we have suffered for beauty. Hundreds responded when we asked for your tales of being fashion victims. Some of you have nearly fainted in corsets. Another passed out in a kimono. Others have split your too-tight jeans. One woman duct taped her breasts so she wouldn't have to worry about showing bra straps.

Twisted ankles, broken toes, curling iron burns, numbness, minor and even major surgery are just the price of looking hot, some of you said — and you'd do it again. A few verbally spanked those willing to risk bunions to look good. Others complained about those who complain.

In the end, some of you sighed, "Pain won out over fashion."

Here are your stories:

My sister wore a rubber girdle. She gave it up the night she came home and I had to cut her out of it.
S. White, Denver

As I write this, I'm wearing sandals with 3 inch heels that are chaffing my toes so badly I had to get Band Aids and moleskin (to line the parts of the shoe that are doing the chaffing) at lunch. I should really know better, because I'm three decades past 30.
Anonymous, New York

I have a pair of stilettos I call my disco ball shoes — across the toe is a strip of tiny mirrored squares. I love these shoes, but the last time I wore them I lost the feeling in my toes for about two weeks.
Anonymous, Texas

In 1976, being 5 foot 2 inches, I had on my platform shoes, while visiting my grandmother's farm in the country. My ex asked me to hike up a hill, where I proceeded to fall in the creek while stepping on stones. In 1979 I had a back operation to remove the L5 disk ruptured in that nature walk.
Theresa Anne Poe, New Port Richey, Fla.

In a Japanese culture presentation at my university, I was dressed in full kimono, obi, and tabi with sandals. They're wrapped fully — a slip/shift and silk undershirt, over-robe, which is then laced, pulling your ribs down. Then the kimono is put on, tied in three places down the ribs and the heavy obi tied over it. I spent an hour and a half or so in the costume and passed out when the obi was untied!
Kait, St. Catharines, Ontario

In order not to have bra straps peek through my fabulous dresses I began to tape my breasts together using duct tape. Bad idea! When you peel the tape off it also takes skin with it. I continued to do it over and over again and have the scars to prove it.
DSF, Rowland Heights, Calif.

One time at a club my jeans were so tight that when my husband picked me up from the ground and lifted me up to dance, my jeans split right in the middle, I was so humiliated and so was he.
Rita, Corpus Christi, Texas

On prom night, I decided to wear a pair of 4-inch heels for the first time ever. I was walking up the stairs, tripped and fell up the stairs and had to limp the whole night in house shoes and a prom dress. Some magical prom night that turned out to be!
Tiffany Crawford, Chicago

I have many tortures: curling iron burns on my forehead and neck, skin torn off my feet where shoes rubbed, chafing and rash from sequins rubbing my underarms while I played percussion and sang in bands. But ... I can still do high kicks and deep knee bends in 6-inch platforms. Rock on!
Sonna Olson, Saint Paul, Minn.

I wore a corset for my wedding that took four inches off my waist. I remember feeling faint at the reception and barely being able to move. When I took my gown off that night, I had deep red marks up and down my back and abdomen. I was extremely uncomfortable, but I was happy with my pictures. However, if I had to do it again, I probably would have exercised more before the wedding instead!
Kathleen, Marlton, N.J.

I wore a pair of 5-inch heels and when I went from carpet to hardwood floor, I busted not only my butt but I sprained my ankle, ripped my pants and broke my 5-inch heels.
Jerica Doherty, Florence, S.C.

Thirty years in "highest" heels have destroyed the cartilage in my toes and my knees, leaving me with arthritis and flat shoes. Sometimes, I can still get into a 1-inch heel that has good support. Pain finally won out over fashion.
D. Doss, Omaha, Neb.

I have never been a fashion victim, however, I would like to comment on high heels. I have a reputation for wearing high 4-inch or higher. I am a 43-year-old female who adores wearing them, and have been doing so for 26 years. I haven't fell nor sprung ankles or torn ligaments. Lucky, I think not. I wear my high heels proudly, as I strut through the streets of Washington D.C., from car to subway and then walk down the street to my job. Colleagues often ask me, "How can you walk in those heels?" I simply reply "Practice, practice, practice." So, I say to the trippers and fallers of high heels, "Just be a little more careful as you walk.
Gail Campbell, Washington, D.C.

I had just gotten a new job, a nice cushy office job. The biggest part of my job they told me was to look my best and talk to the walk-in clients. So my first day, thinking I'd be sitting down all day, I decided to wear a pink skirt and jacket combo, a little too tight, but thought I could hide it under the desk. To make the outfit complete I decided to wear my $280 pair of pink Italian leather stilettos. So, I walk in and everything is going well until they inform me that part of my job is walking around town hand delivering envelopes to clients. Well, my fourth time walking five blocks, not only could I barely walk, but my heel got stuck in a drain and I fell, very stiffly because of my too tight skirt, and had to get stitches on my calf and broke my ankle.
Erin, Kansas City, Mo.