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Puppy trapped in pipe gets new life, new name

Backhoe used to free 7-week-old pooch, who's none the worse for ordeal.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Here's a puppy who got lucky — he got rescued from a pipe and has a new name: Sewer.

Emergency crews used a backhoe to dig the 7-week-old puppy out of the 6-inch sewer pipe early Thursday. He was stuck there headfirst for more than five hours.

Marlene Thrower, who named the dog "Sewer" after the ordeal, said the drain leading to the pipe usually has a cover to keep out animals. She believes someone removed the cover when the grass was cut last weekend and forgot to replace it.

The dog is one of four in a litter from Thrower's 4-year-old pit bull, Thirsty — so named because she's afraid of water. Thrower left the dogs out overnight, thinking the drain was covered.

When she heard the puppy crying and pinpointed its location around 2 a.m., she called police.

An animal control officer arrived, but could not reach the dog with a lure because it had become wedged about 7 feet deep into the pipe, police said. After the backhoe dug in, workers reached the dog around 7:30 a.m.