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For sale: Hot red Ferrari, seller included

A 26-year-old woman in Germany is offering an incentive to auction off her Ferrari Enzo on eBay.  With a starting bid of  $1.6 million, you get a 659-horsepower engine, alloy wheels — and the seller.
With car sales in the doldrums these days, buyers are looking for incentives. This Ferrari Enzo, for sale on eBay's German site, comes with Leila, the seller, included.
With car sales in the doldrums these days, buyers are looking for incentives. This Ferrari Enzo, for sale on eBay's German site, comes with Leila, the seller, included.
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OK, so car sales have been a little slow lately. But one enterprising seller has gone the extra mile in her effort to move a bright red Ferrari Enzo on eBay’s German site (starting bid: $1.6 million).

In addition to the 659-horsepower engine, air conditioning and alloy wheels, the seller, who goes by the alias “womanwithdesire,” is throwing in an added incentive: herself. The 26-year-old woman, identified only as Leila by the Sunday Times of London, told the newspaper she is looking for a soulmate who isn’t after her money.

"Only a millionaire could afford such a car," she said.

Interested bidders will have to produce a passport and proof they can pay for the car.

But with no takers yet, Leila is apparently hedging her bets. If you can’t afford the Ferrari (or already have one), you can bid on a “Romantic Dinner with Leila” — starting at just $380.

Leila says she’ll meet you anywhere within 100 kilometers of Bielefeld, a city of 300,000 located at the intersection of the A2 and A22 autobahns, about halfway between Dusseldorf and Hamburg.

Not-so-bad ideas

  • As Hollywood cashes in on the reality TV craze, new twists on the genre are getting harder to come by. But the creative producers at Fuse TV have come up with one. Now, for those with absolutely no talent whatsoever — but a passionate desire to appear on reality TV — there’s “Pants-Off Dance-Off” .

Hosted by former ‘Full House’ actress Jodie Sweetin, the show asks nothing more of its contestants that the ability to disrobe in front of a camera. If you can do this while dancing to the beat of your favorite music video, so much the better.“Night after night,” according to the company’s press release, “contestants shake, jiggle and waddle down to their birthday suits, simply for the thrill of it and the chance to win cold hard cash prizes.”To connect with its target 12-to-34-year-old audience, the show’s producers ask viewers to vote for their favorite “performer” via the Web or SMS text messaging. Viewer favorites from the nightly competition move on to the weekly Pants-Off Dance-Off which “features dancers of all shapes and sizes strutting their stuff and shedding their clothes.”So far, the show hasn’t quite found its niche. Despite the unabashed attempt to boost the network’s viewership, the contest devoted to folks dropping their drawers has yet to show up on Reality TV’s ratings radar.

  • Now that summer’s here and the weather is nice and hot, many of us are enjoying outdoor activities and cooling off with an ice-cold drink, or perhaps an ice cream. But not Scott Wilson of Sunni Sky’s, the ice cream shop he and his wife have run for the past three years.

The newest flavor to hit the roadside refreshment spot along North Carolina’s Highway 55 in Fuquay-Varina is “Cold Sweat,” a mixture of vanilla ice cream and a habanero pepper sauce. The new flavor is so hot , Wilson warns customers at his shop away from it too.The first batch of “Cold Sweat” included a blend of Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce (which comes with a warning to keep it away from your “eyes, pets and children”) and Blair’s Megadeath Hot Sauce (with ingredients said to be 500 times hotter than a Jalapeno Chile), along with a secret ingredient. Chile peppers, habaneros and Thai chiles are then stirred in.For some consumers, the challenge of surviving the ice cream’s spicy afterburn is the product’s primary draw. One of the first test-tasters, Justin Smith, 22, bolted for bathroom and threw up after his first spoonful. Since then, he’s continued to work on his stamina, hoping to try for the store's record of 14 ounces in one sitting.