Advice from police: Wear nice underpants

/ Source: The Associated Press

A British police force on Thursday defended a magazine article advising women intent on getting drunk to make sure they are wearing nice underpants.

Suffolk Police in eastern England said the "tongue-in-cheek" advice in the police-backed magazine Safe was intended to curb binge-drinking by young women.

An article in the debut issue advises women "intent on getting ratted" to ensure they are "wearing nice pants" in case they pass out.

It also tells young women that too much alcohol can leave them looking like "wrinkly old prunes."

Eye-catching spoof
The force said the publication — designed as an eye-catching spoof gossip magazine and distributed free through shops, clubs and colleges - offered safety advice to young women.

It is produced by a coalition of police, local government and health organizations.

"That article is a very, very small part of the magazine," said a police spokeswoman, speaking on the force's customary condition of anonymity. "The whole magazine does not revolve around what people should wear when they go out."

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, a women's safety charity, acknowledged the article appeared odd, but said the police should be applauded for trying to reach young women.

"When you see quotes out of context, it seems very odd. But when you see it in context you get the spoof," spokeswoman Jo Walker said.

"Perhaps it's gone a bit too far, but you've got to give police credit for trying.

"It's definitely getting attention, and I think it will get young girls talking about it."