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10-year-old Ala. boy found on Ohio voter rolls

An Ohio  elections board found that a 10-year-old Alabama boy was on the voter rolls and registered to vote. The mistake was found and corrected after the kid was summoned for jury duty.
/ Source: The Associated Press

The elections board in Akron, Ohio, says the name of a 10-year-old Alabama boy has been found on the voter registration rolls.

The problem was discovered when a jury summons was issued for Quardaris Reading of Dothan, Ala. Voter rolls are used to draw names for juries.

The boy’s mother thinks a relative registered the boy three years ago when they were traveling back to Akron on a regular basis during a family emergency.

The Summit County elections board checked and says the boy never voted. The board ordered his name stricken from the registration rolls.

Board member Alex Arshinkoff says the case shows the need for Ohio’s newly adopted requirement that voters show an ID before voting.