Youngest evacuees flee with images of war

In a sea of evacuees, look up, look down, or look at the end of a clasped hand, and you will find them: The American children getting out of Lebanon.

For the parents of the very young, a dilemma: What to tell them?

It’s been a struggle, even for those not yet born.

Twenty-six-year-old Linda Sayib, six months pregnant, is in a Cyprus hospital after a stressful 12-hour ride from Lebanon on a Norwegian cargo ship.

I asked her what this baby means to her.

"It's a survivor at this point," Sayib says. "I'm just happy and blessed I was able to get this far."

She’ll be released Thursday, and, with her sister Mona, will fly home to Detroit.

As they so often do, the young are showing how resilient they can be, and how innocent they are.

"God bless America," said one mother and daughter I met. "And God bless Lebanon."

The children who are getting out, and the images of war they now carry with them.