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Readers share their beliefs on hell

Many of you have already written us sharing your thoughts on whether or not the Biblical hell exists. Below is a sampling of some of the e-mails we received. Click here to weigh in on a poll on our Web site.

The Bible is complete truth. Their is know give or take, It is what it is and that’s the word of God. You can’t just believe in what satisfies your life style, When God spoke threw his word it didn't give us the right to pick and choose what scripture best satifies our need at a specific time in or life... --Julie, Tupelo, Miss.

Anyone with good logical thinking can easily see that there is no supreme being. Would you pray to a being that kills constantly through disease, famine, war, bad weather, etc? Either this being is all powerful but chooses to do nothing or it kills on purpose. Given that, the true answer is there is no heaven, hell or god. Trillions of hours are wasted in this silly and often stupid belief. Religion is the worst invention of mankind. --Ron, Austin, Texas

There is Heaven and there is Hell. Many do not understand that God and Satan are real also. People that do not have Jesus in their heart are really in the dark. The Lord says "Ye who call upon me shall be brought out of the dark and into the light." The Bible was written by his messengers all answers are there. It’s about spirit and faith! When you do not believe in Jesus and if you have not chosen him then you are surely destined for Hell, the bible tells us all yet many people doubt. --Tricia Meyer, Palmdale, Calif.

I would really like to believe that there is an afterlife, but I really do believe we’re here one time and just one time only, so make the best of it & do some good with it. --Clare, Canada

I would rather believe and be right, than not believe and be wrong... --Gene, Ind.

I think we need to spend more time talking about this. Too many people feel uncomfortable exploring the possibility that the bible was not meant to be taken literally, and that God expects us to think and grow and not be bound by ancient beliefs about the afterlife. --Connie, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Whether you beleive or not doesn't change the facts. Why wait till judgement day to find out. Read the scriptures and find out for yourself. --Richard H. Rollins, Oakdale, La.

I believe we all experience Heaven and Hell right here on Earth before we die. I think the concept of heaven and hell after we die is missing the point, we need to stress this concept in our every day lives. I feel that the basic "Ten Commandments" is an excellent guideline for all of mankind. --John Johnson, Sacramento, Calif.

Ultimately, the motivation for good deeds should be compassion. If a person’s good deeds are moreless an act of prostitution to score points for heaven, those deeds will be hollow and not that beneficial to anyone. By the same token, if a person’s behavior is motivated by the fear of either hell or not being ‘saved’, that person will develop a warped set of values. --Cary Rhode

Hell cannot be a literal place as my God is all encompassing and omnipotent. Hell is the absence of God and the infinite feeling of all the things that are felt in his absence such as mental and physical pain, loneliness, depression, and everything that we as humans would like to avoid. I cannot imagine a hell that could be any worse than this. Conversely, I see heaven as the infinite prescence of God and the sharing of all the good and wonderful things that he and all humananity has ever felt. I personally believe that we would be sharing all of this in heaven with others who had been a positive part of our lives as opposed to sharing hell with all those who had helped to make the earth a negative experience.  --Ron Cubitt, Mobile, Ala.

How can someone believe in heaven but not in a hell? If you don’t believe in one, you may as well not believe in the other since both require faith to believe they exist. Take your chances. --Lisa