Meet Ms. Groves' students

Stephen Chinn
Stephen Chinn, along with his three younger siblings, is homeless, living in a hotel at the edge of the school district. At school he goes largely unnoticed. Quiet and attentive, he is easily lost amidst the hectic dynamic of Monica's classroom. In the end, he will teach Monica a thing or two about perseverance.

Mayah Persons
Mayah Persons is one of Monica's biggest troublemakers: bullying, unfocused, and unruly, she is on her way to failing all of sixth grade. There is a reason for Mayah's behavior and lack of work ethic. But Monica doesn't know to ask. And Mayah— at least in the beginning— is not willing to tell.

Drew Underwood
Blessed with an inquisitive mind and a keen intellect, Drew Underwood might be the most gifted student in Monica's class. Noticing his potential, she nominates him for the school's highly selective gifted program. Will he find success or let his gifts go unused? Monica will push Drew to excel more than any teacher ever has... but she will need help to do it.