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They're still showing up

Despite awareness of previous Dateline investigations, some potential show up anyway. Chris Hansen has the latest investigation in Fortson, Ga.

On a stormy summer night, on a winding country road, a potential sex predator slowly approaches a house where he believes a child is waiting for him.  He’s driven a long way for this meeting- almost two hours.

But the driver won’t find a young girl inside—instead a Dateline investigative team awaits his arrival.

Why is this man making such a long trip in the dead of night? Perhaps because he believes a 15-year-old girl is alone inside ready to have sex with him.

But his journey didn’t begin that day— it began more than a week earlier when he entered a Yahoo Georgia chat room and decided to hit on a decoy, an adult posing as a 15-year-old. It didn’t take long for the 23-year-old, screenname “scoobydooat101”, to steer the chat towards sex.

He asked all kinds of sexual questions like “What positions have you tried? U like doggie?”

"Scoobydoo" says “Well if we ever have sex, I’ll introduce it to you. But I switch positions a lot, so you’re bound to learn a few new tricks.”

Now the man with the bag of tricks is walking in our house.  Wehired a very young looking 19-year-old to play the part of the girl.

Decoy: Hey.“Scoobydooat101” or Denis Coulson: Hey.Decoy: It took you a while to get here.Coulson: Yeah well someone can’t give good directions of where they live. Decoy: I was taking stuff out of the dryer, it’ll take a second. I made you some sweet tea. I had to do something to keep me awake. You can take a seat, I just gotta finish taking this stuff out.

You’d never guess by the way this man confidently walks into our house that he’s seen Dateline’s investigations into Internet sex predators before—and he’s still willing to risk being exposed on national television.

Chris Hansen (walks in): You have a hard time finding the place or..Coulson: Sure man. Hansen: You got lost huh?Coulson: Yeah, who are you? Hansen: Who are you? Coulson: I’m Denis.

In our latest hidden camera operation, this time in rural Fortson Georgia, 90 minutes south of Atlanta, it doesn’t surprise us that the chat rooms are full of men aware of our previous investigations—men who want to have sex with a minor but are concerned they might be caught on tape.

Del Harvey, Perverted-Justice contributor: It’s actually been referenced by name at this point.  Did you ever see ‘To Catch a Predator?’ Hansen: You think that this is—a deterrent in some ways of people coming over?Harvey: They’re not showing up.  I mean, they’re not coming over because they’re afraid that it’s media.   

Del Harvey, her screenname, is a member of Perverted-Justice, the online watchdog group dedicated to catching Internet sex predators.

Dateline paid Perverted-Justice a consultant’s fee to do what it usually does, go into chat rooms, posing as 13-15 year olds home alone, interested in sex. 

Some decoys pretend to be eager about sex.  That’s because experts we’ve spoken to say young teens are often curious even precocious when it comes to chatting online about sex without knowing the potential lifelong repercussions of being molested by an adult.

While it’s encouraging to hear our investigations have scared off some potential child molesters, others like “scoobydooat101” obviously didn’t get the message. His real name is Denis Coulson, a construction worker from Atlanta. He says he’s here to meet a girl named Izzy.

Hansen: And how old is Izzy?Coulson: She told me she was 18.Hansen: So that’d be cool then because she would be of legal age.Coulson: No, I wasn’t going to do anything.Hansen: The problem with that though is that I have the transcripts of your online chat.Coulson: Okay. Hansen: So do you want to start again and tell the story from the top?Coulson: Yeah.Hansen: Okay. Coulson: She told me she was 15Hansen: And what did you guys talk about?Coulson: Just a lot of different things that we shouldn’t have been talking about.Hansen: Give me an example.Coulson: Asked her if she was a virgin.Hansen: If she was a virgin, why would you ask that question of a 15-year-old girl?Coulson: I don’t know, I’m sorry I apologize, but I really do not have any plans of doing anything tonight.Hansen: Did you bring condoms?Coulson: No sir, I have condoms in my car. Hansen: Well then you did bring condomsCoulson: Yes but they are for my, I mean I have them for safety. I mean I was just hanging out, I was not gonna do anything.Hansen: But you talk about jail.Coulson: I know.Hansen: You can’t go to jail for not doing anything.

When I start to read some of his chat log, he gets up and starts pacing.

Hansen: (reading from chat) ‘You know how to ride’. ‘You like doggie’ and then you ask: Coulson: (loud) Oh God stop okay.  I understand what you’re saying.Hansen: You ask her, “If you’d delete all those IM’s when you’re done, I’d hate to have your mom get nosy.”

Now it’s time to tell him something he already knows...

Hansen: Have you ever seen the program Dateline NBC?Coulson: Yes, I probably have, I don’t know.Hansen: Have you ever seen the stories where –Coulson: yes yes yesHansen: Men come to the house trying and meet kids…Coulson: Yes but I wasn’t trying to do that I promise Hansen: Well I gotta tell you something. I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC and we’re doing a story on guys, men trying to meet teens on the Internet.Coulson: Oh no—maybe this is stupid, I’m a stupid man, I’d like to leave.

He’s free to leave, but he won’t get very far. Perverted-Justice has joined forces with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office providing chat logs and phone records- evidence needed to make an arrest.  Here in Georgia, if a man makes a date online for sex with someone he believes to be a minor, it’s a felony.

He’s arrested and taken away.

Coulson: Please, please, oh my God my life is ruined.  Can you shoot me, can you shoot me? Oh my god, I’m an idiot.

He’s brought into a room with an investigator from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigator: How’d it go at the house Denis?Coulson: It was awesome.  That was the best day of my life right there.   I never should have said any of that sh*t.

With men all over the Internet admitting they’ve seen our “To Catch a Predator” series, we wondered if it would stop a lot of them from trying to hook up with children.  Or will there be many others like scoobydoo still brazen enough to show up at our house?

The team inside Dateline’s hidden camera house quickly moves into position. A man who made a date online for sex with a young girl has shown up earlier than expected.

Our decoy, playing the part of the young girl, heads to the front door to wave the man in.

32-year-old Christopher Xavier Cannon arrived to meet a 15-year-old virgin—at least that’s what he was told.  Turns out he’s a media director at his church, a volunteer position working with young teens, which makes his sexual explicit online chat all the more disturbingUsing the screenname zavior01, he asks the girl if she’s ever had an orgasm. The decoy says “I don’t think so” and zavior01 says “good.”

Then he asks her (chat log):

Zavioro1 (chat log): do you want to be on top or bottom nats_all_that: i’m not sure which is better?Zavior01: we’ll have to see were you fit best. if you know what i meannats_all_that: oic, i think i know lolZavior01: or we can do dawgy style

Christoper walks in.

Zavioro1 or Christopher Zavier Cannon (hidden camera footage): Can I use your restroom?Hansen: Why don’t you just have a seat real quick right over there?Cannon: I know what this is. Hansen: Have a seat real quick.Cannon:: I know what this was. I just wanted to test it that’s all. Hansen: Sir ...Cannon: I knew what this was.Hansen: What’d you think it was?

He heads out the door right into the arms of the Harris County Sheriff’s department.

Cannon: I knew what it was, I knew what it was—I wasn’t doin nothing.

As our investigation continues here in rural Georgia it becomes clear there are plenty of other men who seem to know about our investigations but show up anyway.

Here comes “needafriendtotalkto2005.” He drove 4 hours to get here.

“Needafriendtotalkto” is really 25-year-old John Adam Daniels, a carpenter. He thinks he’s here to meet a 13-year-old virgin named Nina. Online, he asks her if she wants to try anal sex and if he can perform oral sex on her.  After the decoyagrees, she tells him she’s home alone and he asks to spend the night.

It even seems as if he brought an overnight bag.

Decoy:  Sorry I had to do laundry right away. I had to have something cute to wear tonight. did you try some of my sweet tea.  Sorry I’m a little stunned. Did you bring me anything?John Adam Daniels: Yes I did.Decoy: What’d you bring me?Daniels: A drink and some KitKatHansen: Looks like you brought enough stuff to move in. Why don’t you have a seat.

And like some of the others, “needafriendtotalkto” appears to know what he’s walked into.

Daniels: Am I being taped?Hansen: You are being taped. Daniels: Oh, crap.  Am I gonna be—get arrested? Hansen: That’s not up to me. You admit right here that you could be in trouble if anybody found out that a 25 year old—Daniels:  Yes, sir.  I thought it was a bad idea too from the beginning sir. Hansen:  But, if you thought it was such a bad idea why did you do it anyhow?Daniels: I’m sorry.  Hansen:  You started talking and 45 minutes into the conversation you say; Have you ever seen a man’s blank. Daniels: Yes, yes sir.  I’m sorry, sir. Hansen: You ask what size bra she wears.  Minutes later you ask if she would like to move in with you.Daniels: Yes, sir. Hansen: What are you thinking here?Daniels: I’m stupid.  I’m completely, totally stupid.  I’m sorry.  Can I leave sir?

Just like all the men who show up at our house, he’s free to leave. Since he’s seen our reports before, he probably knows he won’t be free for long and there’s no where to run.

And the parade continues...

Another man who despite seeing our previous broadcasts is willing to take the risk of showing up at a stranger’s house to possibly have sex with a minor.

He’s 22-year-old Matthew Cogburn- yesterday was his birthday. He’s here to meet a decoy pretending to be a 14-year-old. 

This clean cut all-American looking man has a MySpace page where he says “Jesus rocks” and lists god as his number one hero.  But when he goes into a Yahoo chat room, he seems like another person. His chat with a girl he thinks is 14 is so graphic, much of it can’t be shown.  He does ask the decoy if her house is secluded so if they use the jacuzzi, “you can moan and squeal all you want.”

Matthew Cogburn (hidden camera footage): Nice house.Decoy: Thank you. Did you have a hard time getting here?Cogburn: Well the road that I was looking for  didn’t show up.Hansen: Why don’t you have a seat there, and get comfortable for a minuteCogburn: I had a feeling this was going to happenHansen: You had a feeling what was going to happen? Cogburn: Is this the national news thing. The national news all that stuff? Hansen: NBC? You mean like Dateline NBC? Cogburn: Yeah.Hansen: What was your plan here today?Cogburn: I don’t. I can’t answer that as I want to because I’ve been in a struggle with myself on what I want, ‘cause I’m still a virgin and a just, and it’s stupid that I did this. Hansen: How old are you? Cogburn: 22 Hansen: And how old was the girl you were chatting with on line?Cogburn: The girl said she was 13 or 14.Hansen: 13 or 14? And you thought that it would be okay to come over here and visit a young girl home alone? Cogburn: I wanted it, I wanted to think it was okay, but I guess (he shrugs his shoulders) Hansen: Now, I’m looking at this chat log here. Sixteen minutes into this discussion you ask if she can do ‘deep throat’. Explain that to me. Cogburn: No reason to explain it.Hansen: No reason to explain it. (reading from chat) ‘How do you feel about sex?’ ‘You on birth control?’ or ‘re you sticking with condoms?’ ‘you got toys’? Cogburn: is there any ah Hansen: Well I want you to square that with what’s on your MySpace Website where you talk about “Jesus rocks.”

You’ll hear more about this man’s inner struggle after he’s in police custody.

But there are many more potential sex predators about to keep their date with Dateline, more examples of the potential danger facing children on the Internet.

As law enforcement arrests one suspect after another, what happens next is almost inevitable.  One of our invited guests drives by, spots them and takes off.

But Lieutenant Sven Armbrustof the Harris County Sheriff’s office is not about to let 36-year-old George Cleary get away. 

Lt. Sven Amburst:  He actually came by three times.

After Cleary sees this man being arrested, he heads for the highway. That’s where detectives stop him.

The 36-year-old, who makes his living as a pizza delivery man, drove two hours for the chance to have sex with a 14-year-old he met online. 

Using the screenname “broken_empires,” he asks the decoy very personal questions like her bra size and “Do you shave down there.” And when the decoy asks him what kind of girls he likes he says “small skinny beautiful sexy and young.”

He told the decoy he would bring movies, CDs, and condoms.

Police officer: I see you brought condoms.George Clearly:  Yes.  She asked me to.Police officer:    Intimate lubricant.  What’s this for?Clearly: She was going to give me a massage.

While one man was scared off when he saw police activity, others are wary even when all is quiet.

This man pulling into our driveway is 38-year-old Peter Sciacca, screenname “donceech.” Online, he goes into graphic detail of how he’d like to perform oral sex on the boy posing as a 14-year-old.  The decoy plays along. But “donceech” repeatedly says he’s afraid of getting in trouble. We think we know why.  Listen as this female decoy pretending to be Brian talks to “donceech” on the phone. 

Decoy (on the phone): No, what are you talking about?  What’s Dateline? what is it?  it’s like Cops or something?  I’ve seen Cops, you know?

Despite his fears of being caught in our report, the 38-year-old shows up anyway.

Del, from Perverted-Justice, now takes over the role of the boy and tries to convince the man to come inside.  But “donceech” seems very reluctant.

Del, decoy:  Hey bro, come on. Come in, I gotta finish up cleaning the kitchen.  I told you to come in outta the rain, you not hear me?

He wants to be sure Del is really the boy he came to see.

"Donceech" or Peter Sciacca: Take your hat off. Take your hat off.Del: He’s suspicious.

After Del refuses to take her hat off, the 38-year-old heads back to his car. That’s when law enforcement moves in and arrests him.

Sciacca:  Get the camera out of my face.

And as your about to see, there are more potential predators like “donceech” who don’t stay long.

Meet 43-year-old James Klein, a married man with three children.  He’s here to meet a girl who told him she was 15. Online he calls himself “holdyoucloser2003.” He asks the girl if she’s ever experienced oral sex. The decoy tells him no and he says “I can tell you one thing, my tongue would be all over you, your mouth, your nipples, down between your legs too.” Now “holyoucloser2003” is walking in our house.

Hansen (walks out): How you doing?“holdyoucloser2003” or James Klein: Pretty good.Hansen: Why don’t you have a seat right over there?  Find the place okay? Klein: Huh?Hansen: Did you find the place okay?Klein: No I didn’t Hansen: It took you a while?Klein: Huh?Hansen: Did you get lost? Klein: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Hansen: Why are you here tonight?Klein: I don’t know what you’re talkin about. Hansen: You don’t know what I’m talking about?Klein: No.

He may be able to run away from us, but because Georgia authorities believe his chat log showed intent to have sex with a minor, he’s arrested.

The next man you’re about to meet not only sits down for an interview, he actually admits it’s likely he would have taken the virginity of a 13-year-old girl if she was willing.

He’s 20-year-old Cody Green, screenname “perfect_buddy_ga.”  He’s been chatting online with a girl posing as a 13-year-old virgin named “maddiegurl192.” He tells the decoy “I’d definitely appreciate being your first.” The decoy says really you don’t mind I’m a virgin?”

perfect_buddy answers--- “If you don’t mind me taking it from you I actually would love it and never have been with a virgin.” Perfect_buddy then sends not one but eight different pictures of his genitals. The chat lasts for two days and then he shows up at our house.

Hansen: Why don’t you have a seat right in that chair.Cody Green: Please, sir.  I really drove this far for no reason.Hansen: You drove this far for no reason?Green: Yes, sir. 

“Perfect_buddy” says he was really just looking for a friend, nothing more. But then his story seems to change.

Green: Please, I really I swear sir I’m a desperate person I need a girl in my life and I’m, if she really wanted to be my friend that would be all I needed from her.Hansen: She said she was 13.Green:  She did.  I’m sorry, sir.  I have interest in younger girls.  That is just been a fantasy of mine.  And—Hansen: A fantasy?Green: Yes, sir.Hansen: Do you know it violates Georgia law—Green: yes sir                Hansen: Oh, so she wanted it.Green: That’s what it seemed like to me.Hansen: It’s her fault.Green: It’s not her fault at all. I came here for yes, for reasons like that.  But if she really didn’t want to sir, I swear to you, I would’ve never tried.Hansen: But if she was open to the idea.Green: Yes.Hansen: You would have sex with a 13-year-old girl.Green:  Probably, yeah.  I’m sorry.  I know you think it’s bad but that’s what it is.  And that would be probably the cleanest best pleasure.               Hansen: The cleanest, best pleasure?Green: Yes, sir.Hansen: Is to have sex with a 13-year-old girl.Green: Yes, sir.  Are you her father or something like that?Hansen: I’ll get to that in a minute.Green: So just please tells me this sir.  Are—am I going to be in trouble for this?Hansen: I want to ask you one more question.  You said you had to go see your PO.Green: Yes, sir.Hansen: Your parole officer.Green: Yes, sir.Hansen: What are you on parole for?Green: I had a DUI.Hansen: A DUI.Green: Yes, sir.Hansen: Anything else?Green: I got a hit and run charge the other day.Hansen: A hit and run charge?Green: Yes, sir.Hansen:  So you had a DUI, a hit and run charge.  Well, there’s something you got to know.  I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC.Green: Yes, sir.Hansen:  We’re doing stories on adults who try to meet teens on the Internet for sex. 

So what happens next to these men after they’re arrested?

You’ll hear more incredible revelations as the suspects tell their stories to the police.

After Dateline confronts a potential sex offender here in rural Fortson, Georgia,  law enforcement working with the online watchdog group Perverted-Justice steps in.

Even the U.S. Marshalls and Secret Service are involved. Remember “scoobydooat101,” 23-year-old Denis Coulson.  He made plans to teach new sex tricks to a girl he was told was 15. 

After he’s arrested, he’s put in an unmarked car and taken to an EMS station where he’ll be questioned by law enforcement.

His car is searched, the police find directions to the house, along with condoms and marijuana.

Coulson is then brought to a room where he waits to be interrogated. That’s where he meets Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley who finds out this isn’t Coulson’s first run-in with the law.

Coulson: I’ve had my get out of jail free card.Sheriff: There is no get out of jail free card.Coulson: Uh, but from my parents that’s what I’m saying.Sheriff: You’ve already used it one time.Coulson: I used the one and I’m done now, especially for this.  It’s over. (laughs) It’s over.Sheriff: What have you  been picked up for?Coulson: Ah, let’s just not talk about it.Sheriff: We’re gonna find out about it.

Turns out “scoobydoo” has had several prior charges...

Sheriff Mike Jolley: He had four prior charges from theft to simple battery—simple assault.  Some of these are aggravated type crimes.

But he was never convicted.  Tonight he’ll have four more charges added to the list- enticing a child for indecent purposes, obscene internet contact, criminal attempted child molestation, and possession of marijuana. One charge was later dropped.

“Scoobydoo” is brought into the interrogation room.

Scoobydooat101: Oh my god, I just want to start crying but I can’t cry.

Investigators read Coulson his rights and start asking him questions.

Investigator Gary Lewis shows the 23-year-old a copy of the chat he had with the decoy playing a 15-year-old.

Coulson: Yeah, there’s a lot of explicit sh8T in there that I definitely shouldn’t have said.Lewis: YeahCoulson: Let’s not read that.Lewis: Yeah I saw that.Coulson: Let’s not read it.         Coulson:   I never should never have said any of that…Lewis: Less than five minutes after you all were communicating she relayed to you that she was 15 years old.  I’m curious as to why you continued the conversation.Coulson: Because I’m retarded.Lewis: You’re retarded.Coulson: Because I’m retarded.  Because I was bored as sh*t and I just—just looking for conversation and I was conversating.  I’m not, I’m not trying to clear it up.  I—I just—I—it’s wrong.  It’s wrong, it’s wrong.  It’s bad.  Lewis: I mean why would you ask a 15-year-old girl—Coulson: I think we need to stop.Lewis: --if she’s still a virgin?Coulson: I think we should go ahead and stop.  “Scoobydoo” ends the interview pretty quickly.

But sheriff’s investigators like Tony Knotts anda secret service agent disguised because of her undercover work, have others to question....

Investigator Tony Knotts:  What we’ve got here, basically, you’ve been caught in a sting operation.  Of course that’s why you’re in handcuffs.

Christopher Cannon is the 32-year-old volunteer church director who mentioned several sexual positions he’d like to try with a girl posing as a 15-year-old. He’s the one who ran as soon as he saw me.... but that’s not what he tells investigators.

Christopher Cannon: It’s funny, when I saw this on “Dateline,” three months ago or whatever—Knotts: You show up in the middle of it.Cannon: Yes.  And I went, “That is so sick.” Why did I do this?

The investigator reminds him he’d been chatting online with the decoy for more than a week and many times the chat turned sexual.

Cannon: I mean just playing around with her, but my in—my intention wasn’t to do anything.  I wanted to reject it.

Knotts: Yeah.  But you drove 115 miles?Cannon: I know I kept saying to myself, “Why am I coming out here?  Why are—what are you doing?  What are you doing?  Turn around, turn around.”  Trust me, I wanted to turn around.  Knotts: Help me understand I’m kind of lost when you say that you didn’t want to come but you’re here.Cannon: Oh, yeah.  I know—I know what you’re sayin’ it’s just part of me was like you know, “Zavior just turn around,” and part of me was like, “You know, this is the first weekend you have to yourself.  Just go out there you know, hang out a little bit.  Don’t do anything silly.”Secret service agent:  Well, why would you even have a sexual conversation with a 15-year-old?Cannon: I really tried to avoid her when I first met her.  Every time I would get online you know, she’d initiate the conversation.Knotts: You’ve said you didn’t initiate the conversation, but actually you did. She never talked to you.  You said, “Hello, Natalie,” ‘cause you saw her in a chat room, “And how are you doing today?”  That was the first initiation on your part.Cannon: Yeah. Yeah. I did initiate.  Yeah.  Just chatting.Knotts: You asked her, if she’s horny now and then you asked her if she’s wet.  Now why would you care if a 15-year-old is wet?Cannon: Stupidity, man.  I mean I don’t know why.  It was just—dumb.Knotts: And you tell her you’ll be gentle, what are you referring to when you’re talking about being gentle?Knotts: Just being with her, nothing sexually, touching or and all that-Secret Service agent: Chris, please.Knotts: Chris we don’t—we—we’ve been doing this too long.Cannon: I can understand.  I understand you all go through—Secret Service agent: I just saw you do the sign cross so I know you’re-- (SIGH) you’re—probably a religious man.Cannon: I’m about to faint.  (chuckles)Secret Service agent: And you would probably feel better if you—Cannon: If it never happened.

Another man who probably wishes it never happened was someone who also ran from us, but did talk to police.

43-year-old Jim Klein? Online he made plans to lick a 15-year-old all over.  He admits to investigators he’s been married for 20 years and has three children ages 11, 13 and 15.

Investigator:  How would you feel if this was—Jim Klein: I just—Knotts: —your 15-year-old or your 11-year-old or your 13-year-old.  How would you feel?Klein:   I’d feel awful.Knotts: That’s it?  Just awful?Klein: No.  I mean no.  I mean—Knotts: I mean you were pretty much down here tonight 100 miles away from home to do what you were gonna do and damage this child’s mind for the rest of her life.  Sex may be sex to you but to this child, 15, she’s gotta live with this for the rest of her life. 

And Klein actually does admit he was planning on staying the night.

Klein: I was gonna leave tomorrow morning.Police officer:    Where were you gonna stay at?Klein: She said I could stay there.  She said the house went through—says it was a big house.Investigator: Where were you gonna sleep at?  Did y’all discuss any of those options there?Klein:   No.Knotts: And you brought four movies and you arrived at 9:30 at night?Klein: Yes.Knotts: And you’d have stay up all night watching movies?Klein: Yeah.  I mean she wanted to watch all four we woulda watched all four.Knotts: Would you have done anything else if she wanted to do anything else?Klein: Yeah it was talked about.

Klein says he had two glasses of wine before he started chatting online and it clouded his judgment.  But that doesn’t explain why he showed up the next day, apparently stone cold sober.

Klein: I was seriously considering not even coming down here and I was just saying you know I just don’t, I just don’t feel comfortable about this, I don’t feel good about this.  I just don’t think it’s a good idea.

This man also realizes it wasn’t a good idea.  He’s the religious 22-year-old who said he was conflicted about meeting a 14-year-old after a sexually graphic online chat.

Matthew Cogburn: I won’t say a mental struggle but—I’m still a virgin.  And I’ve been having trouble.

He tells investigators that this isn’t the first time he’s gone to visit someone he met online. In fact he says he met his last girlfriend on MySpace.

Cogburn:  We dated for 5 ½ months.  But it was nothing sexual.  And nothing, you know.  Just good clean relationship.

And she wasn’t the only one.

Cogburn: have met girls before.  But haven’t done anything. I couldn’t.  And just because of my spirituality.  And I didn’t—solely, deep down, I didn’t have any intentions of doing anything. I’ve been able to talk the way I’ve talked.  And this is my punishment.

And his punishment—like the other men caught in this investigation begins when they are taken to the county jail, where they are photographed, fingerprinted, and put behind bars awaiting a bond hearing. 

Most of the men have to wait 48 hours in jail until the judge will see them.

While most of the men say they would not have had sex with a minor, none have had a chance to make a plea, that should happen sometime this Fall.

It was a “To Catch a Predator” first one man made plans online for a threesome with an underage teen—and his adult girlfriend.

35-year-old Marvin Smith, being waved into our house by a decoy, said he and his girlfriend wanted to have sex with a girl who told them she was a 15-year-old virgin.

Online he calls himself “swgamaleyess.” His chat is one of the most graphic and disturbing we’ve come across. At first, he offers the decoy “erin_lynnb” $250.

When she asks “y do u wanna give me money?” he says “cuz i want you.” Then he tells her about another girl he met online.

swgamaleyess (chatlog): she was 15 swgamaleyess: like uswgamaleyess: her mom was at workerin_lynnb: kswgamaleyess: she invited me overswgamaleyess: had never had sexerin_lynnb: ohswgamaleyess: her and her frienderin_lynnb: wow

He goes on to say that the two girls performed oral sex on him and then he describes in detail how he claims to have taken one of the girl’s virginity.  And he doesn’t stop there. After he sends pornography he then introduces the decoy to a woman who calls herself Phyllis, his girlfriend, and says “she wants to be there with us.”

Phyllis then apparently gets on the computer herself and starts chatting with “erin_lynnb” and explains how it would work.  She says her boyfriend  “would have sex with both of he’s doing one of us, he would want us to play with (each) other.” To verify Phyllis was real, a decoy from Perverted-Justice spoke to her on the phone.

Phyllis, the girlfriend doesn’t show up: she apparently had to work.  But “swgamaleyess” does and is now in our house and in hot pursuit of our decoy.

But as the decoy walks behind the curtain, the man sees our camera crew and runs.

And he keeps on running, even after sheriff’s deputies order him to stop.

Finally, an officer’s taser knocks him to the ground.

After he’s arrested, he’s taken in for questioning.  And this man with the incredibly vulgar chat reveals something that, ironically, no longer surprises us.

"Swgamaleyess" or Marvin Smith:  I was a minister in the church.Police officer: What church you go to?Smith: Preach—Baptist Church.  I don’t wanna go to prison.

It also turns out he’s married and worried about his wife finding out.

Smith: I’ll lose everything I got.

The 35-year-old asks to speak to a lawyer and the interview is over.

He’s then taken to the county jail, fingerprinted, photographed and put behind bars. 

The next day, he goes before a judge and bail is set.

Back at the house, there are more suspected predators on the way. One man pulling in our driveway  is 38-year-old David Hillbish he builds tunnels.

Frag, Perverted-Justice: In the chat, he mentions molesting another 15 yr old. 

He’s been chatting with a decoy pretending to be 14. He says he’d rather not come to her home, he’d like to take her to a hotel.

Online using the screenname “tunnels12000” he tells the decoy named “tracy_in_xcess,” this isn’t his first time meeting a teen on the Internet.

“I did it with a 15-year-old before. And I came real close to getting caught. I didn’t have sex with her, everything but.” He later says he was questioned by detectives but never charged. Now he wants to have sex with Tracy.

Decoy: Hey?  Come on in.  I made you some sweet tea."tunnels 12000: or David Hillbish:  I don’t want no tea, I want you.Decoy: Oh well I just thought I’d throw this in the dryer real quick.  Everything is gonna get wrinkled.  This will only take a second (laughs). I’m sorry you didn’t bring your bike I would have loved to see it. Hansen: Will you have a seat right over there please?Hillbish: Sure. Hansen: How you doing?Hillbish: Pretty good. When I confront the 38-year-old, his memory seems a bit foggy. Hansen: And so you were chatting with a girl named Tracy.Hillbish: Right. Hansen: And how old is Tracy?Hillbish: I don’t have no idea. Hansen: The problem for you David is that I have the chat right here. Have you ever done this before?Hillbish: No. Hansen: Have you ever been with an underage girl before?Hillbish: No, not sexually, no. Hansen: (reading from chat)  “I did it with a 15-year-old before and I came real close to being caught. You stay out all night and fall asleep in my truck.”Hillbish: I didn’t break the law that I know of and the police officer told me that.  I don’t know what the law is but he questioned me, I went back home that night and they called me Monday. When I read him some of what he wrote in his chat log, he first tries to blame the girl.Hillbish: She asked me several things also. Hansen: Does that make it right? Hillbish: No and she invited me here.Hansen: So because a 14-year old girl invites you to come over—it’s okHillbish: It’s wrong, I admit I’m wrongHansen: Why did you do it?Hillbish: There is no reason. Hansen:  Did you bring any alcohol with you?Hillbish: Yeah.  Hansen: Yeah and what did you bring exactly. Hillbish: Exactly what she asked.

When I ask him what his plan was here tonight. He says he’s not really sure.

Hansen: If this 14-year-old girl was willing to have sex with you, would you have had sex with her?Hillbish: I can’t say for sure.  I never did with that other girl, and that’s the reason why. Hansen: That’s the reason why what?Hillbish: She was underage. Hansen: Aren’t there any girls or women that are of a legal age that you can date?  Hillbish: I have a fiancé. Hansen: Huh?Hillbish: I have a fiancé. Hansen: You have a fiancé. Hillbish: Yeah. Hansen: And how do you suppose this is gonna play when she finds out about this?Hillbish: It’s not gonna play at all.

Now it’s time to tell tunnels12000 what he’s walked into to.

Hansen: I need to tell you, I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC and we’re doing a story on adults who meet teens online and then try to meet them in person for sex.  If there’s anything else you want to tell us about the situation.Hillbish: I can’t understand how you all legally can do this.Hansen: We can.Hillbish: Okay.

Then he says he’d like to say something more...

Hillbish: I just need to stay off the Internet maybe. Maybe so maybe I do need treatment.

He says he’s not a predator. He’s a lonely man raising two children alone who uses the Internet to meet women.

Hillbish: —a predator is somebody that constantly does that.  I don’t do that.  I would prefer to have someone my age and they would prefer to have me. But if some female, I’m wrong. Don’t take me wrong but if some female makes an offer to you and you’re alone all week it’s tempting for a person.Hansen: What made this so tempting for you?Hillbish: Well, being lonely.  Hansen: Alright.  Anything else you’d like to tell us?Hillbish: No.  Ya’ll gonna get me arrested when I leave?

Had he seen our previous reports, he would know exactly what is going to happen next.