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Man ordered to make up for ruined Christmas

/ Source: The Associated Press

Will a fancy dinner make up for family violence on Christmas Day? A Georgia judge thinks it might.

A woman and her two young children will get a special Christmas dinner at one of Atlanta’s most expensive restaurants this year — courtesy of a Rockdale County judge who imposed that sentence on a man charged with family violence on Christmas Day.

“Basically you were hung over and didn’t want to be involved in some activities your wife planned,” Chief Superior Court Judge Sidney Nation told Wendell Jerome Herman Rogers II. “You acted up and ruined Christmas, so this year you’re going to make it up to them.”

Authorities said the 33-year-old Rogers came home from a party on Christmas Eve and got into a confrontation with his wife in front of their two young children the next morning. He then tried to prevent his wife from calling for help.

He was charged with family violence battery and obstructing and hindering a person making an emergency telephone call.

In addition to the dinner, Nation also sentenced Rogers to serve 12 months, although the time is suspended while Rogers continues an anger management course. Rogers also has to pay a $1,000 fine.

He will also have to submit a receipt to the court for the family dinner by Jan. 5.

Rogers’ attorney, Maurice Bennett, said his client agreed he had misbehaved and readily accepted the dinner sentence. Attorneys said dinner at a top restaurant with his wife and two children could set him back more than $300.

Rogers has no prior criminal record.