Oh baby! Readers respond

Readers remember their travels with or near children
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In a recent column by James Wysong, , we asked readers to share their experiences of traveling with children. Needless to say, it caused quite a stir. Here is a varied sample of responses.

Frequent flying mommy
My son is going to be eight months old this month and we are flying out for the nine time since his arrival.  I have heard the screaming babies.  My son loves to fly and actually has only fussed one time and that was because the woman next to us was trying to get out of her seat and actually spilled her water right on him.

Business traveler's advice
Oh, the stories I could tell, as a frequent business traveler.  But, instead of sharing countless stories of despair, I'll just add a few extra tips for traveling with small children and in general ...

Happy mother
... I am by no means a frequent flyer. But, I made a trip with my daughter when she was one year old and again when she was two. Here's what I learned ...

For Childless Flight
To the parents that fly with your children, you are clueless.  "You can apologize ahead of time to those around you ... but after that it's their problem" that is the exact mentality that most parents have today.

Screaming to Greece
Well one of my biggest pet peeves is screaming/undisciplined/brats, not only on airplanes but in restaurants.  Why, parents, do you have to bring your small children with you on an airplane?  WHY??  Is it really necessary unless you are MOVING somewhere else and have to bring them, why do you?

Kids behaving badly
Flying about 90,000 miles a year both domestic and international I am constantly amazed at the inability of parents to control their kids.

Baby on Benadryl
Before I was a mother, screaming babies on a flight annoyed me. Now that I am a mother, I understand much better what the baby, and the parents, are going through. I flew from Calif. to Bermuda with my daughter when she was 15 months old. Thought we planned everything right. 

Every situation is different
It's amazing how an innocent little article about a father bringing his baby on a flight for the first time has morphed into an aggressive message board on the ills of society and the children in it ...

Normally, when flying with my two-year-old, I am very careful and observant with him, really making an effort not to annoy other passengers.  However, reading the posts that are rabidly anti-child in general, I don't think I would stop him from making your flight a living hell.

Small terror in the sky
Boarding the airplane, he cheerfully greeted each passenger he passed. "Hello, how are you?"  Casually dressed in jeans and a navy blue T-shirt; his sun-kissed golden hair framed his face while his blue eyes danced with excitement. His boyish smile should have put people at ease but it exacted quite the opposite, fear and trepidation emanated from the passengers as he passed them. Tension filled the air and it pressed hard against the passengers’ bodies.  

Quick to judge
We are often quick to judge others' actions. We simply assume that we could have, would have, should have done it better. Until you have walked in someone else's shoes you will never know.

The crying room
...  I flew from Anchorage to Stockholm and then to Venice, back to Stockholm and back to Venice last Christmas. On every leg of every flight there was a "MELT DOWN."  Not fussing or crying, but ear-splitting screaming.