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‘World’s Worst’ Person: Rush Limbaugh

The Bronze goes to whoever thought it would be funny to position an actual supermarket shopping cart atop of the flagpole outside the Ralph’s supermarket in Pasadena, California.  When a store employee went out to raise the flag last Saturday morning, the 50 pound cart dropped onto her head.
/ Source: Countdown

Every night at 8 p.m. on MSNBC, Keith Olbermann awards his daily pick for "Worst Person in the World." Some contenders are lucky — or unlucky —enough to be nominated more than once.

The Bronze for Thursday is shared by the Ohio Republican Party. 

It issued a news release attacking Democrat Sherrod Brown for “enlisting the help of Al Franken.” 

The news release contained not only a doctored photograph, but a fabricated quote from Franken saying conservatives should take poison and die.  The quote was taken from a book by Bernard Goldberg, who made it up, as part of a satirical interview with Franken. 

Our runner-up is Representative Jean Schmidt of Ohio. Her campaign is upset because her opponent, Victoria Wulsin is running campaign ads including clips of the rant Schmidt unleashed last year when she called John Murtha a coward. They say that is against House rule and the opponents “continued violation will land her in serious trouble with the House Ethics Committee.”  Which would imply that her opponent has already beaten Congresswoman Schmidt and replaced her in the House—she’s not in the House now. 

But the winner, comedian Rush Limbaugh, having buried himself by calling Michael J.  Fox a faker in those Missouri campaign ads. Having put up his own headstone by saying the symptoms a Parkinson’s suffer gets when he stops taking his medication include shaking, actually it’s immobility. 

Rush has defaced his own memorial today saying of Fox, “Every one of his ads is run for the benefit of a Democrat, even in Maryland, where the Democrat beneficiary of the Michael J. Fox ad voted against exactly what Michael J. Fox advocates in the ad.” 

That would be Benjamin Cardin.

Actually, Mr. Cardin voted for the stem cell bill Fox endorsed.  So Rush you're 0-4, and as to the Democrats-only part, you really need to look at the ad we showed last night from 2004 with Mr. Fox endorsing Republican Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania: 0-5. 

Who’s off his meds and is exaggerating the effects of his illness?  Comedian Rush Limbaugh, that’s who!

Thursday's “Worst Person in the World.”