Olbermann: Bush 'appearing to be stupid'

Tonight on "Countdown," Keith Olbermann delivers a special comment in response to the uproar following Sen. John Kerry's remarks.

You can read an excerpt below.

The Senator, in essence, called Mr. Bush stupid. The context was unmistakable: Texas, the state of denial, stuck in Iraq. No interpretation required.

And Mr. Bush and his minions responded, by appearing to be too stupid to realize that they had been called stupid. They demanded Kerry apologize to the troops in Iraq.

That phrase “appearing to be too stupid” is used deliberately, Mr. Bush.

Because there are only three possibilities here.

One, sir, is that you are far more stupid than the worst of your critics have suggested; that you cannot follow the construction of a simple sentence; that you cannot recognize your own life story when it is deftly summarized; nor know it is the sad ledger of your presidency that is being recounted by a political opponent.

This, of course, compliments you, Mr. Bush, because even those who do not “make the most of it,” who do not “study hard,” who do not “do their homework,” and who do not “make an effort to be smart" might still be just stupid, but honest.

Tune in to MSNBC at 8 p.m. ET to see Olbermann's full comment.