‘Keeping Tabs’: Coultergeist investigation

/ Source: Countdown

Keith Olbermann rounds up tabloid and entertainment news every night on “Keeping Tabs.” On Wednesday, Nov. 1 he had this to say:

And if you’re wondering how we will bridge the gap from the politics to the sleazy meaningless unsubstantial piffle that fills our nightly round-up of tabloid news, "Keeping Tabs," I’ve got one word for you -- Coultergeists. 

She tars others with treason and claims to expose their lies and hates the American principle of presumption of innocence, is now enjoying that presumption herself, accused by the U.S. government of lying in an effort to undermine another American institution -- the vote. 

The "Palm Beach Post" reports that the local county election supervisor there asked the state’s attorney to investigate claims that Coultergeist knowingly voted in the wrong place, the wrong precinct after giving her realtor’s address on her registration.  The official also claims Coulter made efforts to divert his own investigation.  It’s treason! Only after she’s proven guilty, of course.

Madonna is trying a unique tactic to get herself out of the media spotlight.  She gave an exclusive interview to the "Today" show revealing she was shocked by all the media attention given to her adoption of a one-year-old Malawian boy named David. 

She also told "Today" show host Meredith Vieira that adoption was not the only option she considered:

MEREDITH VIEIRA, "TODAY" SHOW:  Did you ever think, well, you know, I have the resource to help David’s dad, he’s a poor farmer. 


VIEIRA:  But he is David’s dad. 

MADONNA:  You’re absolutely right and I offered that in court when I met him.  He didn’t want that. 

Madonna revealed that three weeks after she took David from an impoverished African orphanage to live with her in affluence, "now he throws tantrums." 

It took him three weeks did it?