What will the Democrats do if they win?

Campaigning in Missouri Friday, President Bush mocked the idea of Democratic rule in Washington.

"Ask them this question: What's your plan?" said Bush.

"What's your plan?" responded the audience.

"The truth is, the Democrats can't answer that question," continued Bush.

The issue of what Democrats would do is a major theme in the final days on the stump and on the air.

In Rhode Island, Senate candidate Sheldon Whitehouse tells voters, "We need to effect a responsible redeployment of our troops out of Iraq." In Colorado, congressional candidate Angie Paccione promises, "I will stand up to the special interests." And in New Mexico, House candidate Patricia Madrid says, "I'll work to get rid of subsidies to oil companies."

Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California stands to become speaker of the House if Democrats win.

"After we drain the swamp by enacting reform that is about integrity, civility and fiscal discipline," says Pelosi.

On the Democratic "to do" list:

  • Raise the minimum wage;
  • Implement the 9/11 commission recommendations;
  • Revise the prescription drug program to lower drug costs;
  • And make greater investment in alternative energy.

On Iraq, while Democrats advocate troop withdrawal, the timing of such a pullout is a matter of debate. 

Analysts say Democrats are thinking long-term.

"That does give them the opportunity to reshape the political landscape a little bit and to try to set the framework for the 2008 election," says Los Angeles Times political writer Ron Brownstein.

For President Bush, Democratic victory could make for a long two years.

On the campaign trail, the president talks a lot about the Democratic agenda. It comes in the form of a warning.

"When it comes to taxes, the Democrats are going to tax whoever they can find," said Bush on Thursday in Billings, Mont.

But the White House has bigger concerns about Democratic rule: Subpoena power.

"We certainly will be having hearings and look into how we got to where we are, the war, the cost of energy, and maybe some other areas as well," promises Pelosi.

Democrats with a plan, assuming voters see it their way.