What if... Democrats win?

/ Source: National Journal

Mounting problems have led to dropping poll numbers and a long election season for Republicans across the country, giving the Democratic Party its best opportunity in years to regain control of Congress. In this special report, CongressDaily examines the impact that such a shift would have on Capitol Hill committees and key legislation on the budget, trade, energy policy and more:

  : A return to balanced budgets within the next decade?

  : A battle with Rumsfeld, but without cuts in funding?

  : A push for renewable energy and energy efficiency plans?

  : Turning up the heat on global warming?

  : A different approach in leadership styles?

  : An expansion of insured coverage, albeit slowly?

  : A boost for rail and transit security funds?

  : An end to the ongoing push for tort reform?

  : A focus on the minimum wage and worker safety?

  : An overhaul of ethics and lobbying policies?

  : Seeking out common ground for overhauling the tax code?

  : Closer scrutiny for the FCC?

  : A fight over presidential trade negotiating authority?