Voters coming to grips with powers given Dems

/ Source: HotSoup

Voters are coming to grips with the powers they just gave Democrats in Washington. In diners, living rooms and online communities such as, Americans are debating the breadth of the Democratic mandate and the depth of the party’s new responsibilities.

Some samples at

  • Iraq: ``This is the Democrats' chance to correct their weak-on-national-security image,” writes SilverGuru. “It appears to me that, as it stands, the Dems have no position on Iraq.”
  • Progress vs. Payback: ``I think it might be possible for the Democrats to introduce some important legislation, influence the direction of what happens in Iraq and show America why a Democrat should be elected,” writes Wjbentley. “Or, the Democrats can see this as an opportunity for payback against Bush and use their power to reward their base.”
  • Corruption: “One party forms of government never work, and with the Dems' win we at least restore a system of checks and balances that has proven effective for the last 200-plus years,’’ writes Bill Camp. “We now at least have two parties that will watch each other and blow the whistle when it comes to corruption.”
  • Rumsfeld: “He was fired. Being asked for your resignation is being fired politely,” Bob Rooney writes.
  • But there is skepticism … ``Every one will become millionaires! Terrorists will send us all Christmas presents! It will rain gumdrops and the rivers will turn into wine! Quentin Tarantino will go back to making movies that don't stink! I don't think so. It's November 8, the Democrats won, and I'm not out dancing in Washington's rainy streets,” writes Ian Broverman. “While I'm happy that some checks and balances have been restored to a government that desperately needed them, there's still a long road ahead of us. Don't get too unreal with expectations, because that will hurt the Dems in '08.’’