‘Worst Person in the World’: Coach Bob Knight

/ Source: Countdown

Every night at 8 p.m. on MSNBC, Keith Olbermann awards his daily pick for "Worst Person in the World." Some contenders are lucky — or unlucky —enough to be nominated more than once.

The Bronze is shared by Carl Persing and Dawn Sewell of Southern California, who tried to get some sort of associate membership in the mile-high club on a flight from L.A. to Raleigh-Durham, what we might call heavy petting, while they were still in their seats.  A flight attendant gave them a warning where upon Mr. Persing allegedly replied, “I’m going to give you a warning to get out of my face.”  They were arrested upon arrival in North Carolina because the activity took place in Phoenix during a layover. 

Our runner up tonight, Michael Weiner-Savage, back on the radio declaring “The radical homosexual agenda will not stop until religion is outlawed in this country and they want full and total subjugation of this society to their agenda.”  Hey, fellow, you’re just nuts, huh? 

But the Gold winner is Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight who evidentially was not reprimanded by the university even though he grabbed and pushed the chin of one of his own players, Michael Prince last night.

“Not a slap,” the school said, just Knight insisting Prince “keep his head up.” 

Unfortunately Mr. Knight is celebrating his 30th anniversary of his first physical contact in public with others: in 1976 a player, 1979 a policeman in Puerto Rico, 1981 a fan, 1993 another player, his own son, 1994 still another player, 1997 another player whom he choked, 1999 an assistant coach, 2000 another fan, and last night, at least the fifth player on one of his own teams.  Having gotten at least eight previous benefits of the doubt, that’s enough.  He needs to be banned. 

Bob Knight of Texas Tech, Tuesday's “Worst Person in the World.”