Bargains roasting on an open fire ...

/ Source: The Associated Press

An electrical fire that filled a department store with thick smoke didn't deter holiday shoppers, and firefighters had to block the doors to keep customers from coming in, authorities said.

No one was injured in the fire at Dillards South at Great Lakes Mall on Wednesday, but some bargain hunters were inconvenienced.

"It was amazing," said Mentor fire Battalion Chief Joe Busher. "Even though there was heavy smoke in there, they all wanted to stay and shop. We even had to put people at the door to keep people from coming in."

The fire burned circuits of a high-voltage electrical panel near a women's dressing room, firefighters said. It took them eight minutes to put it out.

Busher estimated fire damage of about $30,000 and about $100,000 in smoke damage to merchandise.

Manager Mary White said the store would reopen Friday.