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Kucinich launches another presidential bid

Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich  has launched his second bid for president.
Kucinich Announces Presidential Bid For 2008
Dec. 12: Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) announces he will seek the office of the Presidency of the United States during a press conference at Cleveland City Hall,  in Cleveland, Ohio.Bill Pugliano / Getty Images file
/ Source: The Associated Press

Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich has launched his second bid for president.

Kucinich, who was also in the 2004 race, says he was inspired to run because he disagrees with the way some of his fellow Democrats are handling the war in Iraq. He says the party is expected to get the U.S. out of Iraq.

He told a crowd today in Cleveland that Democrats were put back in power to "bring some sanity back to our nation."

Kucinich joins Iowa Democratic Governor Tom Vilsack in declaring his candidacy for the party's presidential nomination.

New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is considered the party's front-runner, closely followed by Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Neither of them has announced a candidacy.