Aussie vintner uncorks a bottle-cup combo

Handout photo shows plastic wine bottle and attached cup, which holds one glass of wine
The Hardy Wine Company's new all-in-one wine bottle and cup lets you keep drinking without ever having to worry about were you last left your glass.Hardy Wine Company / Reuters / Reuters
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Wine connoisseurs have long had a reputation of being a bit snooty. But apparently many of them are also incredibly lazy, as an Australian winemaker has developed a single-serving bottle that comes with its own glass.

The all-in-one plastic wine bottle and cup has been produced by Australia's Hardy Wine Company, the country's largest vintner.

The “Shuttle” bottle, which holds one glass of wine, has a detachable plastic container at the top.

“It's portable, (and) it means you only need to buy one product to enjoy a glass of wine,” Miriam Leenders, Hardy's global marketing manager, told Reuters.

She said the Shuttle would be perfect for outdoor events where glass is not permitted for safety reasons.

If they would also just affix some cheese and crackers, we'd have that whole picnic-date thing covered.

Not-so-bad ideas

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