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Reader's share wacky travel experiences

<div id="post-2663087-body">In a recent story about how airlines must improve customer service, we asked readers to share their opinions on how the airlines can make flying a better experience. Below are just a few of our reader's responses.</div>
An airport staff member dressed in a Santa outfit hands out sweets to passengers waiting in a tent erected outside terminal four of Heathrow airport, Friday, Dec. 22.
An airport staff member dressed in a Santa outfit hands out sweets to passengers waiting in a tent erected outside terminal four of Heathrow airport, Friday, Dec. 22. Sang Tan / AP
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During the holidays wacky things happen at the airport. We asked you, our readers, to share your wacky airport and traveling experiences. Below are some of your responses.

I was returning from overseas
After being A POW for nearly three years many years ago; and it just happened to be the time between Christmas and New Years. When transferring from a military transport to a commercial airplane the woman at the ticket counter saw me being helped by a church group with my oversized duffel bag, which I was too week to carry. She came out from behind the counter and kissed me while putting my bag behind the counter. ...

I have worked in the aviation industry for many years
And one day while working the Gate Departure area The stewardess told me that a passenger on board the aircraft was cutting his leg and had blood all over his jeans. I then called the Airport Police and had the passenger taken off the plane.

The passenger was quite upset (missing his flight) and then explained to Police that he was just trying to help a wounded dear. (police thought he was crazy)

But, about an hour before a deer was running around on a active runway and the Airport Police went out to chase the dear and spooked him toward the front of the Airport Terminal. The deer then ran through the plate-glass window and into the passenger terminal severely injuring himself.

Now this is were our "poor passenger" comes in! ...

I went through LAX a few days ago
I had been at the Westin in downtown LA and had bought a mug with my drink from the revolving cafe.  I put my bag on the security screener and the guy went nuts.  He took my paper bag with a plate and the mug, neatly wrapped I might add, and told me I couldn't touch it.  Surprised, I watched him rip open the bag and tear the paper off the mug.  He held it up to the x-ray guy and yelled for all 400 people in line to hear, "We need to check this!"  I said, "What do think it is?  ...

While traveling from Salt Lake City to Milwaukee
I was delayed behind an man stopped at the security check point.  This individual was trying to pass security without having his carry on luggage x-rayed or inspected by security.  ...

My husband works Security at the MSP International Airport in Minneapolis
Most of his years has been working the international flights which is always good for a few stories.  A few years ago he was stuck working on Christmas Eve but was off early enough that we thought we would grab a bit to eat before picking my sons up. The only thing opened that night was Chinese food which sounded great until he told me what came through some luggage that night.  ...

My husband and I were delayed more than 6 hours
On a flight from Atlanta to Houston 4 years ago and we were required to standby in our holding cell (i.e. the gate area).  The only thing the airline personnel would say was that they were waiting on a plane to arrive to replace the original aircraft because of mechanical problems.  Because they didn't know when the plane would arrive, it was recommended that we stay in the gate area.  Unfortunately, we had two French nationals on the same flight who were (in the most polite terms) "extremely funky" despite being immaculately dressed. Everytime they plopped next to someone that person would be forced to move to another part of the gate area for fresh air.  Being a "very pregnant" 7 months pregnant, I told my husband if they came near me I would have my first episode of morning sickness right there in the gate area.  So I watched and waited as they meandered throughout the gate area stinking to high heaven.  ...
My job requires me to fly a lot
Since 911 it's been one thing after another. But a funny story pre-911 is one I'll never forget.  My co-worker and I were traveling to D.C. from Okla. She has to be sedated to fly, she has such a fear of flying. On the other hand, I like flying and enjoy always looking out the window. We'd left Okla. at 6 a.m. and everyone promptly fell asleep, mouths open and snoring, my co-worker included. We landed in Memphis and didn't have to leave the plane so everyone still slept while about 10 additional passengers boarded. They too went to sleep since it was still so early. After sitting there for too long on what was supposed to be a very brief layover, the pilot comes on and says they have to replace an electrical part on the plane and we'd be off soon. ...