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Scooping Out

Residents in Western Nebraska woke up to a blanket of thick white snow on Thursday morning.
/ Source: KNOP-TV

Residents in Western Nebraska woke up to a blanket of thick white snow on Thursday morning. Many people spent hours Thursday morning shoveling and suing snow blowers to dig themselves out of the eight inches of snow that covered streets and driveways.

Faith Fisher of North Platte, says, "It is a News worthy day, with eight inches of snow across much of Greater Nebraska. It's a wet snow and with eight inches it isn't going away quick."

Many schools are closed across the western portion of the state and residents are left to dig out of their homes and driveways on this first day of winter.

Bob Forrester, says, "It doesn't bother me, I'm not going anywhere!"

Forrester says, it's much needed moisture that is welcomed in Nebraska no matter what form it's in. "We had at least an inch before the snow storm according to my rain gauge...I think we're about six years late getting it don't you?" he says.

Ambria Vieyra thinks so, she's taking this opportunity to make snow angels with her mom. For her the fluffy white stuff is a treat.

Ambria's mom, Sara Vierya says, "We were out scooping earlier and she was watching us and was upset so we had to get out and play...don't know how long it will last though!"

Many residents are choosing to make the best of this ice and snow covered day with a nice brisk walk. Cindy Muenchrath, North Platte, says, "My office is closed and I was out shoveling and it's kind of nice out so I'm going to my friends house and thought it was better than driving...I haven't fallen yet!"

Walking may have been the best today, with interstate 80 west and highway 30 west closed due to the snow and ice.

Travel is not recommended in Western or Northwestern Nebraska. he Nebraska State Patrol especially recommends no travel in Cherry or Brown Counties.

Officials say U-S Highways 20, 81, 183, 12, 137, 7, are difficult to drive on. Highway 26 west of Ogallala is improving.

The I-80 West is now closed at Lexington. Roads are icy. Crews are having a hard time clearing roads because the winds are drifting them shut. Accommodations are now full in North Platte. Lexington hotels are expected to fill quickly also. The closure point may be moved further east.

I-76 into Colorado is also closed.

Highway 30 west is closed at North Platte. Local traffic can pass.

Great Lakes Aviation at the North Platte Airport is cancelling Thursday night and Friday morning flights.