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Readers’ good, bad and ugly boss stories

We asked readers to tell us about your experiences with bad bosses and seems quite a few had stories to tell — and some actually had good ones. More than a few actually had some words of respect for the suit in the corner office. Here is a brief sampling:
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We asked readers to tell us about your experiences with bad bosses and seems quite a few had stories to tell — and some actually had good ones. More than a few actually had some words of respect for the suit in the corner office. Here is a brief sampling:

Yosemite Sam
I had a manager that was such a (jerk) that I had to quit a job that I loved. She was about five feet tall and built like Yosemite Sam. She would stand in the foyer of our cubicles and just scream at whoever was under her siege at the time. I was a supervisor over our group and she would do this in front of all the employees under me! And she would back-stab all of us to each other. I couldn't take anymore. She terminated me because I stood up to her then tried to stop my drawing unemployment. Guess what, I won she lost. She's since been terminated! — STARSMARS

Bad IT bosses
I work in IT. The worst bosses that I've had have been IT workers who have risen up to management and had no management training. Many IT people have lousy people skills. The ones who get promoted to management have worked hard to get promoted. Usually they have worked long hours and weekends and excel at their technical jobs. Then when they get promoted to management they become tyrants. They forget what it's like to do the actual work, how hard it can be, and have no empathy for those who have family responsibilities that keep them from working long hours or have lesser technical skills. They demand the same sacrifices from everyone regardless of their situations, talents or goals. They have no clue as to how to be a leader. They insult, rant, belittle and threaten those that don't measure up in their mind. Then they wonder why people leave. — Bummed-out

Not perfect, but close
I have a pretty good boss. The telling point is that we have fairly low turnover. I have been in the department since 1991. One of the reasons I stay is because of the work environment. I have two other coworkers, and one was here before I started. Our boss trusts us to do our job without checking behind us. She is willing to help when necessary. She is very flexible about needing time off for sick children, doctor appointments, etc. She is friendly and makes you feel like an equal. She does not have a "I am THE boss mentality. She is not perfect, but pretty close. — TTLNT

They're human
In defense of so called bad managers, keep in mind that they are human, make mistakes and have emotions like everyone else. The best you can hope for is that they are competent, trustworthy and keep mistakes to a minimum. A good manager should be easy to talk to and admit mistakes when they occur. Keep in mind that mistakes can be made unconsciously and unless discussed can lead to bad feelings that the person may not even know why. — saul723

Every word a lie
I am an office manager for a company that provides commercial landscape maintenance. I have the worst boss, every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He cheats the clients he serves. He does not have a good word to say about any of his employees, nor clients. He calls everyone of his employees awful names. He tells us on a daily basis we are stupid, idiots, and worse. He believes he carries all the weight of the world on his shoulders and he has in fact  suffered worse than Jesus did. — Biggbird

In control
I work for a complete CONTROL FREAK! She was promoted from the work force to management with no training. She shows favoritism in the extreme! She has been reported to HR twice resulting in a full-blown inquiry but nothing changes. She is currently in "silent mode" concerning me but still manages to communicate through snippy little notes. Fortunately for my sales force and customers, I really enjoy my job and am very good at it.  However, when I get enough money saved and have finally had enough, I will be leaving if not for greener pastures, at least for softer ones! — CSR Utah

Moving on
I recently left a "great" job because of my boss. It's a shame that I felt I had to leave a job that I truly enjoyed and was so rewarding. Companies should begin enforcing 360 evaluations; especially for those in management roles. Employees should have the right to provide feedback whether good or bad regarding their bosses. I give credit to a great boss and great team members as I set upon a new journey! Although I felt forced in making my decision, I realize I made the right one in moving on, and in addition, chose an awesome company! I now have a terrific boss! — Forced Out

Decent folk
I work in a hospital in a nonlicensed position and have held three different positions in my 20 years of employment. Although I don't make as much as I'd probably like to, the managers and supervisors are very supportive and do not tolerate negative remarks about staff. If they have a problem with you they take you aside and deal with it in a one-on-one level. I'd just read so many bad things folks were venting I thought I'd put in a good word for the managers and supervisors who ARE decent folk (and I didn't forward a copy to my bosses). — red balloon

Being the boss
I previously worked at a retail store with a poor manager. He was let go and I was promoted in his place. Because of the labor-unemployment laws mentioned in one of the postings here, I was virtually unable to let anyone go, even after numerous customer complaints. When I cut the hours of the offending parties, I was reprimanded and told I could not decrease their hours. I quit during that conversation and started my own business, and after a lot of hard work and long hours, am doing well. If you have never been in management, try to see their side. If that doesn't help there is usually an avenue to complain to a higher level. There is always an option to find another job, or start your own business. — ceegars